Wengie’s Beautiful Buns And Bangs Hair Hacks On YouTube

YouTube sensation Wengie does it again- providing amazing hair hacks, this time for beautiful buns and bangs.

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Wengie is trying these hair hacks unrehearsed. These are cool new styles that look great.

This one is all about the ballerina bun with bangs, faux bangs to be exact. Wengie loves fringe but not the commitment, so this is a nice option.

You will need a hairbrush, bobby pins, two hair bands and a hair tool. In Wengie’s case, she used a straightening iron, because her locks are wavy.

Brush hair into a high pony tail and secure with one hair band. Split the pony into two parts, front and back. The front portion will serve as our faux bangs. Wengie chose side bangs, so secure the front portion down with bobby pins to flatten the faux fringe or bangs.

Wengie is using the Evy hair straightener, an awesome tool with titanium. She curls her bangs to the side and arranges in place. Next, take the back hair portion and wrap it around into the classic ballerina bun and secure with a pretty Lady Jane hair band.

Then, Wengie took out her bronzer from the makeup bag and began contouring the cheek bone and temple areas of the face to further define her bone structure, since her ballerina bun and bangs are now highlighting her features.

The fringe or bangs take a bit of work to perfect, but once you get the fringe in place, it’s a great hairstyle that avoids clip-in bangs.

Wengie loves full bangs but doesn’t think they look as good on her forehead shape, so she admits she’s really a side fringe girl

Wengie says this hair hack is a cute, natural look, and she rates it a nine out of 10 for its simplicity and punky style.

It looks cool, and I’m glad I tried it out,” Wengie says.

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