The Values that Have Led to The Immense Success of Koch Industries

One of the largest privately held firms in the world is Koch Industries. The company has grown in leaps and bounds under the leadership of Charles Koch and his brother Mr. David Koch. It was founded by their late father Mr. Fred Koch from a humble beginning to where the company is today. The success of the company since its inception has been largely influenced by the experience and values their father upheld to steer the company to success.

Recently, Charles Koch the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation stated that the success of the company since he and his brother took over has been made possible by the values his father shared. The values are set in a letter that the father left for the family to efficiently run the business. These values have enabled Koch surmount some of the challenges that he has faced in running the company.

Koch Industries is a multinational corporation that is located in Wichita, Kansas in the United States of America. Initially, the corporation was founded as Wood River Oil and Refining Co in 1940 by Fred Koch dealing in the refining of crude oil. The company is listed by Forbes as the second largest private company in the United States with annual revenue of one hundred and fifteen billion dollars.

The subsidiaries are Invista, Georgia-Pacific, Molex, Flint Hills Resources, Koch Pipeline, Koch Fertilizer, Koch Minerals and Matador Cattle Company. They are involved in diverse business like the manufacturing, refining of petroleum, chemicals, energy, fiber, minerals, pulp and paper and ranching. The company was renamed Koch industries in 1968 after the death of the founder Fred Koch as a way to honor him. The two brothers have managed to keep the corporation as a private company with over a hundred thousand employees in the subsidiaries.

The corporation is headed by Charles Koch as the Chief Executive Officer and chairman and his brother David Koch as the Vice President. From a crude oil refinery company, Mr. Charles Koch has helped the company invests in other areas if the economy through its subsidiaries. His efforts have placed Koch Industries on the international map with offices not only in the United States.

Charles Koch was born in Wichita in Kansas on the 1st November 1935. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science in general engineering in 1957 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To further his education he did a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 1958. He first started working at Arthur D. Little, Inc. but eventually moved back to his home town to work at Rock Island Oil & Refining Company. He is also a philanthropist and author having authored Good Profit.

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