The Man Who Broke the Bank of England Breaks Donations Records – George Soros

Who is George Soros?

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. He rose to the mainstream popularity after what became known as the Black Wednesday in Britan. Soros, alongside other large investors, shorted the British currency to the point of its delisting from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. This earned him an unprecedented amount of money that still appears as nothing but a fraction of his current net worth.

The Lifetime of Donations

Soros has gained a lot of his popularity after the British Pound shorting through large donations. To this point, he has accumulated $14 billion that was contributed to his Open Society Foundation since 1980. This comes out to almost $380 million every year since he started this project. The goal of the organization is to establish democracy and fight for human rights in over a hundred countries that they operate.

Besides donating to causes that aim to help people, Soros has been a vocal supporter/opponent of specific politicians. His most notable endeavors have been in the United States where he is a fierce fighter for the Democratic establishment. This, naturally, made him a target of many GOP party members who have blamed him for numerous events that Soros always denied being connected to.

Making History Once More

Recently, Soros has made one of the largest donations ever made through a single transfer. An incredible amount of $18 billion has been given to his Open Society Foundation. This will make his organization the largest one in the United States, after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that has yet to be matched in multi-billion sums that are dedicated to it every year. The money will be allocated for the future of the organization and provide for its existence in the upcoming decades when Soros is no longer around.

Soros Portrayed as a Demon

As one might assume, political affiliation and large donations have not left Soros unaffected when it comes to negative critics. The scope of those who wish to discredit his actions goes as far as to make theories about Soros that are mostly based on hearsay. This includes depicting his billionaire as the main instigator of modern-day protest “Black Lives Matter”, football anthem kneeling, and so on. Of course, no conservative who has presented these theories has come through with an ounce of sound evidence that will break probable cause threshold.

The aforementioned is a wave of demonizing donations that Soros has been a victim of. After the election in the United States in 2016, the aggression towards the donor has exponentially spiked as he has been a loudspeaker against the current establishment. Soros has dedicated tens of millions of dollars to those affected by the recent hate crimes and racism-led, poor decision that have put people in hindering environments. The consequence of doing so, however, is a bright spotlight that people who are on the opposing side of his views have placed on him. For more about him click here.