Talk Fusion: Marketing for the Future

They offer unmatched video technology for business and social communication and are considered years ahead of the competition with their visionary approach to video communications. Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina after he was told that he could not embed a video into an email, after partnering with a friend who had the technical skills the art of adding videos to emails was created and Talk Fusion was off and running.

In a recent article, written by Lacy Rushin and published on HT, the benefits of video usage in marketing was highlighted and Talk Fusion is easily seen as a standout among the video communication market. Statistics about increased open rates (as much as 20% increase) and increased click-through rates (of 2-3 times) make any business owner or marketing professional consider the pros to adding additional video messages into their marketing campaigns.

The Relevancy Group added to the discussion that the internet continues to grow (into the focal point of all communications) and consumers continue to have decreased attention spans- which can be combated by linking a video in an email and increasing marketing revenue by 40%. With compelling stats for introducing video marketing into communication plans, I would expect to see an uptick in videos embedded in email and an increase in the bottom line for those companies that effectively employ the communication strategy.

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