Paul Mampilly Predicts the rise of Big Data

Paul Mampilly is an investment advisor. His advice on the trends in the stock market is taken with seriousness by many average investors. Mampilly was born in India and moved to the United States when he was 18 years. Like many others who have come to the United States in pursuit of higher education, Mampilly embraced the American culture and decided to make the country his permanent home. For 20 years, he was working on Wall Street is a hedge fund manager for the wealthy individuals and American corporations. As an investor, he rarely goes wrong in his predictions. Those who follow him keenly know that the chances of his predictions coming out right are very high. Now, Paul Mampilly has made predictions for business in 2019. He is sharing this information with fellow investors so that they can make informed decisions before putting their capital in any investment.

Accessibility to big data

For some time now, big data has been a thing. Many tech companies have benefited from the ability to process consumer the data and other information related to consumer behavior. In fact, today many companies are relying on data for their growth plans. Today, we have tech companies which process information and sell to other companies. For many small companies, they have not had a chance to enjoy access to big data due to limitations related to costs, technology, and manpower.

Paul Mampilly is predicting that in 2019, we will see more businesses access big data. He predicts that there will be changes whereby even middle-sized and smaller businesses will manage to obtain information which previously has been a prerogative of large companies. The impact will be that there will be changes in how businesses approach consumers. Small companies will be able to compete aggressively with large companies for the same customer base. Paul Mampilly believes that big data will get even bigger in 2019 and highly accessible to small businesses.

Paul Mampilly is the editor of the Profits Unlimited newsletter. This is a publication which offers advice to investors on some of the opportunities that they can utilize and make huge profits. Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again

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