Entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov Creates App To Modernize Private Air Travel

Sergey Petrossov is the founder and chief executive officer of JetSmarter. He was named as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in the consumer technology industry. He also co-founded two other tech projects which were a Russian language distance-learning platform and an online chat service that could be used on websites for customer service.

He first got involved in the aviation industry when he was a board advisor for a private jet operator out of South Florida. This company had operated the biggest on-demand Gulfstream charter fleet in the world at the time he was involved with it. When Sergey Petrossov flew privately himself for the first time he saw that the industry was not up to speed when it came to technology. They used the old brick-and-mortar approach when it came to booking charter flights rather than moving things over to the internet. He thought that there had to be a better way and so he created JetSmarter to provide it.

Sergey Petrossov used his own money to launch JetSmarter and brought together people that had worked on some of his previous projects. His team developed an app that would connect people wanting to fly with the best private jet operators around. The beta-version of his app was released in August 2012 and rolled out just to select users. After raising additional capital and forming partnerships with vendors and other organizations he was able to roll it out to a wider release on March 2013.

JetSmarter offers a number of services to those seeking to fly privately. People can book free seats that are available on already scheduled routes. They can also create their own flights between certain cities. Sergey Petrossov’s mobile app also offers complimentary helicopter services that go back and forth from the airports around New York City. These flights can go to Manhattan and the Hamptons.

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