Stream Energy: Expanding to Reach More American States

Stream Energy is a relatively new company which focuses on the energy industry. They are only founded in August 2004 by two visionary entrepreneurs – Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki. They wanted to provide a cheap energy alternative in the United States, which is why they resorted to founding the Stream Energy Company. During their initial years of operations, several issues are being faced by the firm including conflicts with other energy companies and disputes with the government. The challenges being faced by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki seemed not to end, but they ignored all of the negativities and continued managing the business that they established. A decade later, the company is now moving away from its home base in Texas, and the company is trying to build a strong presence in the Eastern States. Delaware is the latest addition to their list of service states, and Stream Energy is dedicated to conquering all of the United States in the future. View the Company reviews at


The present chief executive officer of the company is Larry Mondry, and he stated that he is delighted with the present road that the company is heading too. He revealed that the reason why they are focusing on the eastern states in the present is that of their massive demand for energy, especially during the winter. Stream Energy wanted to provide the people who are living in the eastern states with cheaper energy which they can later use to power up their homes and to utilize their communication services. View the company profile on


After the products and services from Stream Energy came out, many people are already contacting their head office and inquire when they would offer the same services to their respective locations. It is an enormous challenge for Stream Energy to expand all throughout the country, but they claimed that each trial could be done correctly if one would only think carefully about the pros and cons of an offer. For Stream Energy, expanding across the United States is their primary objective, and they would never turn down an offer that would allow them to build their presence in other American states.