Securus Technologies Working Hard For Keeping People Safe in Facillities

The leading contender for civil and criminal justice technological solutions of public safety as well as in investigations and corrections is Securus Technologies. They help monitor a large number of facilities by using technology to prevent crimes and solve crimes. This also includes crimes within facilities where there is inmate to inmate crimes.


Securus Technologies will receive countless emails and letters each year asking for help to help keep crime rates low in jail house facilities. Each one of these letters and emails will ask for a certain method to help prevent crimes from happening inside jail houses. Each one of the emails is sent by someone who has been placed in charge of making the environment safer for inmates as well as for the employees.


Each week Securus Technologies will work on creating a new product or a new service which will help those in the law enforcement field to solve crimes as well as to prevent further crimes. It is because of the letters and emails that they receive asking for help that keeps society safer while in facilities. Not only does it help those in the facilities, it also helps the inmates families and the parolees.


There are a number of inmates who attempt each year to bring contraband into the jail facilities. When they do, often times they can do so without being caught right away. When this happens, it can be hard to find out right away that something like a cell phone has been snuck into the jail. Securus has helped a program to be used to prevent cell phones from being used by inmates. The program is used to prevent phones from connecting to mobile networks therefore preventing use of the phone inside of the jail. This helps to cut back on the contraband in jails. This is vital for keeping inmates following rules.