Securus Technologies Keeping Police Officer Safe

One of the things me and my fellow officers do each day inside the jail is make sure we have each others back. Things can escalate quickly inside a crowded jail, so we have to really pay close attention to what the inmates are doing at all times. Any time we can get the jump on illegal activity, we can stop a potential problem from escalating and putting everyone in the jail in harm’s way.


One of the things we do each day is to try and limit the flow of contraband in our prison. To do this, we set up teams in the visitor center each day and make sure to search each person before they get to see the inmates. Then we check the inmates before they can go back to their cells, looking for weapons or drugs they are trying to smuggle inside. We follow-up those efforts with several surprise cell inspections that can locate some of the items that did get by.


When Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in our prison so officers could listen to inmate calls, we discovered one of the more powerful resources we have ever had in the attempts to make the jail safe. This company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and employs 1,000 workers all dedicated to making the world that much safer. We now understand why this monitoring system is in 2,600 prison systems around the country, it gets results fast.


The LBS software picks up chatter from inmates on drugs, weapons, and all different sorts of contraband. We can use the system to alert us when we hear an inmate instructing a family member how to get drugs into the jail. We have been able to take more weapons and drugs out of the inmate’s hands than every before thanks to Securus Technologies system.