Securus Technologies Issues New Press Release to Correct GTL

Securus Technologies, a company that provides communication and technology services to correctional centers in the United States, recently announced that it will be releasing a new press release to correct the information that was recently reported by Global Tel Company, its greatest competitor. The press statement was released in May, and Securus Technologies say that the information was false and misleading to the public.


Before the GTL Press release, Securus Technologies had reported that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board had validated at least twenty-five claims out of the twenty-seven. The private company was very excited to announce this news to the public. However, GTL felt that it was wrong, and went ahead to issue a different statement to the press.

Richard Smith, the current president of Securus Technologies, said that misleading information was already spread in the country and the only way to correct it was releasing a fresh report, fixing what GTL had reported. He, however, says that the reaction from Global Tel was expected. The competitor quickly mischaracterized the ruling done by Patent Trial and Appeal Board. The company was only working hard to prove to the public that Securus Technologies lacked enough technology, and the software used were inadequate.


Securus Technologies is a privately held company that is headquartered in Dallas. The company was founded by investors who wanted to ensure that inmates have access to communication and technology services. At the moment, the company is already providing its services to more than three thousand centers in Northern America. There are over one million in these centers, and they have all benefited from the services of the company. Securus Technologies has invented numerous apps in order to make the lives of the inmates easier. The latest application from the company is the video visitation app, and families can communicate with their families often using the app.