Securus Technologies Has Made Visiting Incarcerated Loved Ones Possible From Home Now

There is usually a lot of traveling that takes place on the Christmas holiday, and for some people it can be difficult if that travel involves visiting a loved one in a correctional facility. But now, it’s all starting to change thanks to the development of video visitation technology. Video visitation is now offered by Securus Technologies, a big telecommunications company based in Dallas, TX. With video visitation, you don’t have to travel or take a lot of time out of your holiday to be with your loved one, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and use a webcam and internet connection to share special Christmas moments with them.


Video visitation is something that has become important for many correctional facilities and their inmates. It’s helped lessen wait times and check-in issues. It’s also proven to be a morale booster for inmates who wish to complete their time without any setbacks or conduct violations. And it can also be monitored by corrections personnel to make sure no dangerous threats or illegal activities are being conducted by inmates.


Securus Technologies has been building advanced communications systems for both inmates and corrections officers. With their phone card and billing options, inmates are able to have funds loaded on a calling card, and can also signup for voicemail services. Securus also has an instant mail delivery system that can be delivered electronically, and can save facilities costs on running mailrooms. The video visitation platform was started a few years ago and can be easily accessed at the Securus Technologies website.


To make sure inmate activities are closely monitored, Securus has setup an intricate security system complete with threat and contraband detection within its algorithms. Mail can be scanned through the Securus mail agent program. Voice calls can be monitored, and calls to cell phones can be traced through THREADS and Investigator Pro. Biometric systems within these programs even have voice recognition that can trace voices to any known criminal sources.