Portia Kersten’s Contribution to the Growth of Skout

The growth of Skout can largely be attributed to its Chief Financial Officer, Portia Kersten. She happens to be one of the most successful women having worked with companies in a range of industries to help raise capital and maximize growth potential. Portia Kersten is one of the people who have helped steer Skout to where it is today. She also holds an MBA from the Columbia University in the United States of America. Her humble background and the books that she has read while growing up shaped her life growing and also as a leader now. The book characters that motivated her growing up were those who had beaten insurmountable odds to achieve success. She has also received immense inspiration from Margaret Thatcher who had a similar background while growing up. Despite this, she beat the odds and went up through the ranks to become one of the greatest women in history.

Before she joined Skout, she had worked for different companies like GE. The best business lesson she got from GE was recognizing and acknowledging the best practices to inculcate in business for its growth which she has also done to improve the general wellbeing of Skout whenever faced with challenges. Despite having a demanding career, she has managed to handle her private life well by maintaining high priority things both at work and at home and this can be attested to by her husband. Being a woman who has made it in an industry largely dominated by men, she believes that in order for other women to make it in this industry, having patience and being confident is paramount. It is necessary for women to ignore naysayers and define their own lives either private life or their professional life. This is the only way that women are able to make it in the industry and compete with men. Finding the right people to encourage you to beat the odds is necessary.

She recognizes that one of the strengths of Skout is its employees. The employees working for Skout are talented and knowledgeable. Working with Andreessen Horowitz has also built her professionally. Skout employees work hard at helping grow small business enterprises. They have also faced challenges in the course of the business just like any other business in the process of finding and maintaining product and market fit. She believes that Skout will keep growing to help other people and companies.

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