Omar Yunes Franchise Claimed the BFW – 2015 Award

Omar Yunes, a young Mexican entrepreneur, captured the attention of Best Franchise of the World competition 2015 as his brand claimed the BFW – 2015 Award. His Sushi Itto franchise, Mexicano won the Award competition held on Dec. 5, 2015, in Florence, Italy. It should be noted that the 2015 BFW edition saw the participation of brands from 34 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, France, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, and more. Youes found to be elated with the achievement and responded, “I am delighted and would like to remind that I am just a representative of the achievement of the works of more than 400 employees across our various units. Also, I would thank the brand, Sushi Itto, which allowed us to innovate.”

Interestingly, the competition did not consider brands and their values as a parameter for the Awards. Instead, it chose the effects of franchises on the brands as a whole. It included the influence of franchise on the network, contributions towards the knowledge, the motivation of employees, savings added to the brand, improvements and the value of invoices proposed to the business model, and more. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo too confirmed that the award is the recognition to the manifestation towards the remarkable flavor, excellent customer service, and unique hospitality. Other brands from Mexico confirmed that the award speaks the quality of strong service sector of the country that has all the rights to claim an international level recognition, forgetting the days of Mexican franchises treated as regional issues.

Omar Yunes is known for his various entrepreneurial ventures since very young age. He founded the first unit of his Sushi Itto franchise at the age of 21. Yunes is known for his aggressive expansion plans brilliant strategies that helped him to expand the franchise across the country. Currently, his Mexicano franchise has 13 units and has a presence in all the major cities including Puebla, Veracruz, Mexico City, and more. It should be noted that the franchise holds almost 10% of the total number of units the brand has. The franchise won the Mexican version of BFW Award in November 2015, and that helped it to participate in the global competition.