Netpicks LLC’s Strategies to Capitalize on Choppy Markets

Netpicks LLC was founded in 1996 when day trading and online trading began, and it has been consistently provided trading education to help regular traders achieve success in today’s markets. It gives insight on stocks, Forex exchange systems options and ETF in both Day trading and Swing trading. Its headquarters are in Texas. Netpicks has a team of trade experts who are qualified with both professional and personal trading experience who are passionate to help their clients achieve their trading goals. Netpicks has a trading system that is designed with a specific goal in mind to accommodate client’s full-time career as well as part-time income.  Read trading guiding tips provided in this link.

Sometime back some Investors considered the markets as unstoppable; therefore, the technology-industry sell-off at the beginning of June 2017 shocked most people and changed their attitude towards investment. This contradictory attitude, in turn, opened a door for a choppy market in the summer months, a probability which is not uncommon during low- volume months in the summer.

There are steps and strategies that one may follow to capitalise on these choppy market environments. One of the most successful pro-active strategies that have been used during such uneven markets since 2000 is the “Lock and Walk” strategy. The tactic is calculated to respect the resistance and support levels in the Nasdaq 100 NDX, -0.7% and to sell the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, +1.13% and the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, -1.27% when support and resistance levels are tested or broken.   Read more on swing trading here.

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It is also possible for one to do the calculations on their own using some simple rules which are; if resistance is tested by DID, target support to sell. The second rule states that if support is tested by QLD, target resistance to sell. The other rule obliges one to sell QLD if support breaks and sell QID if resistance breaks. The last rule states that one should target resistance to sell if QLD. tests support These are simple rules, and every person who works in technical analysis in sales is conversant with them as well as those conversant with Netpicks trading systems. Click on to read more about options trading systems.

There is however another imperative rule connected with the Lock and Walk strategy. It states that if a strategy has 67 basis points in profits, it is designated to shut down and wait until the next trading sessions for it to begin operations again.  Start getting connected, hop over to

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