Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi May Serve The Company Once Again

Now that its the start of 2018, Bradesco must get to pick a new CEO for their company. Since they have grown to be such an impressive company with one of the highest net worth in the world, it would be hard to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Many candidates are being thrown into the arena but it is a delicate decision that should not be made hastily.

Just like with royal families in Monarchies, the reign of a new CEO can completely change the direction of the company (for better or good). Bradesco has strengthened many of the companies weak points and targeted more high net worth candidates. On the other hand, he has been less aggressive when it had come to mergers and acquisitions.

Bloomberg had recently highlighted that Bradesco’s CEO, Brandao. is being forced to step down with an absurd age limit restriction. Out of all the reason to oust the CEO, this is very arbitrary. There are some discussions going on about making an exception or changing the rules but it seems like it is probable that he will be replaced.

With Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi being a leading candidate for his replacement, there is no better option since Luiz had such an impact track record for the company. Having his entire adult life being an employee for Bradesco, he has positively changed the company from many different branches of the organization.


About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabucco Cappi was born in 1951 and was born and raised in Marillia. In this little suburb of Sao Paulo, he had his first job as a bank teller while attending university. After receiving his degree, he had been encouraged to get into higher level positions for the company. He had been a successful marketing director prior to becoming a long-lasting executive for this banking giant.

Unlike his other peers in the banking industry, he had taken an atypical interest in Socio-Psychology at University. In the banking world, most executives had preferred to study economics or mathematics since it is more relevant to the field. It may explain his unique approach and attitude that he had displayed during his career.


About Bradesco

Most of us in the Northern Hemisphere probably will not know much about this company, even though they have satellite offices all around the world. It is one of the largest companies in Latin America and it has dominated Brazil’s banking sector for quite a long time.

Within Brazil, Bradesco is a brand name that is just as large as Coca-Cola or LEGO. Within most supermarkets, malls or pharmacies, there is likely a Bradesco cash machine found within. Even in smaller cities, there are multiple Bradesco branches to be found at the customer’s convenience. There are also tens of thousands of ATM machines that work through Bradesco under various proxy brand names.

This company has been known to be ahead of the curve for a South American company, which are typically seen as stuck in the past. For example, Bradesco had been one of the first banks in South America to introduce credit cards to low-net-worth clients with personal accounts. They have also made a lot of innovations in the private pension market, which is direly needed due to the declining state of Brazil’s retirement system.

At the moment, it is the second largest bank in terms of net worth. Competition has been arising since large-scale mergers are happening with both large an small banks. Banco Itaú and Unibanco had merged recently and the combined company is now Bradesco’s primary competition.

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