Latin American Emigrant Criticizes Bernie Sanders’ Socialism Policies

Erick Brimen, formerly of El Venezolano, has a message for Bernie Sanders and his supporters in this year’s United States presidential primary season. Senator Bernie Sanders seems to be embracing socialism, and his supporters appear to love the idea. Brimen believes that Americans don’t know what they’d be in for if socialism did come to the United States. The Venezuelan native left his birth country and socialist values behind, and he couldn’t be happier. He wants the United States to understand what is wrong with socialism.
Erick Brimen is disturbed that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders would describe himself as a “Democratic Socialist.” Many of Sanders’ young supporters like the idea of a government that controls the economy from a citizen’s birth until their death. Brimen relates to today’s Americans who are hungry for change. Mr. Brimen was a teenager when Hugo Chavez came into power. Like many of Sanders’ supporters, Brimen and his friend David was very interested in the socialist type of government. Today he understands how wrong he was. There’s a misconception that socialism will get rid of corruption, however, the opposite is true. Erick Brimen has learned in his 17 years of socialism that liberty is lost. While socialism disperses more wealth than most governments, they will undermine the right to private property. Eventually, people are denied freedom of speech, right to assembly, and the right to express themselves in the press. There is a trade-off.