Kevin Seawright, CFO and Community Leader

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President and CFO of The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, along with NewarkWorks and some other organizations, as well as a few well known city figures, have all joined together to assist Newark youths in obtaining summer jobs this summer.

This well thought out employment plan’s main goal is to furnish Newark student residents with approximately six weeks of work experience, which in turn, will help raise the percentage of college graduates in the community. Starting July 5th, the program will run for six weeks, ending on August 16th. The summer program will focus its efforts in on-the-job training and will also include financial literacy lessons, lectures of empowerment and college readiness programs. All student employees will receive minimum wage compensation for their work.

This years program intends to boost the number of student employees to 3,500, 500 more positions than 2015, which had 3,000 employees in the program. One idea implemented this year to improve the efficiency of the process is to require students to apply online. By registering online, students can achieve in 30 minutes what used to take up to six weeks in the application process.

This year, Kevin Seawright focused much of his efforts on not only creating more summer jobs for student residents, but also establishing a partnership with two successful banks, TD Bank and Santander Bank. This was done to improve the students financial responsibility. This partnership’s main agenda is to teach students how to open and maintain their own personal savings and checking accounts. Kevin Seawright is a firm believer that by doing this, it creates a strong foundation for students when they graduate and enter the real world.

Kevin Seawright has a fabulous resume on Vizualize, including a stint as CFO of Maryland’s largest Department of Recreation and Parks, administering over $50 million in federal, state and city funding. After that, Kevin Seawright became a superior leader in the educational arena, offering insight on the construction of new schools and assisting with any arising issues with current infrastructure. He was in charge of annual budgets measuring more than $200 million and also was responsible overseeing $600 million in the development and maintenance of brand new structures. Kevin Seawright was in charge of managing more than 500 residents and offered solid advice in the funding for construction, serving as Director of Operations at the Collington Life Care Community.  Check out his page on the Newark CEDC website, and see another side of Kevin on SoundCloud.