Keith Mann: Promoting Academic Excellence

A fund raising event held by Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners raised over $22,000. The fundraising was for the Uncommon Schools. The funds are intended to sponsor a student for the academic year 2014-2015 at a newly opened high school in Brooklyn which is part of the charter school. In explaining the motivation towards having the fundraiser, Keith Mann reiterated Uncommon Schools’ goal. The goal is to assist student who are from low-income families pursue college education. Thus, through the funds, these students will be afforded equal opportunity in terms of education. The sponsorship program will be first based on student testing. The testing will be conducted through PSAT and AP Testing. To ensure that the equipment and needs for the testing are met, Dynamic Search Partners had contributed $ 10,000. Dynamic Search Partners has been in partnership with Uncommon Schools for quite some time. It has committed itself to assisting students become successful while in college and after.

While holding the fundraiser, Keith Mann expresses his excitement to work with Uncommon Schools. He is passionate about academic excellence and he believes that this is an avenue to work closely with students. Keith Mann was greatly inspired by the desire and eagerness that students have to learn. I addition to this, he observed that these students are working to ensure they are in a position to enroll in colleges, get job internships and plan their careers. Uncommon Schools is a network that brings together 42 charter public schools. The schools are from New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. It seeks to promote student leadership and professional development.

Keith Mann is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He is well versed in hedge fund compensation, staffing and hiring techniques. Prior to being Dynamic Search Partners CEO, he was the Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search. He provides advice to professionals on marketing ad internal strategy. His clientele base is spread out in the United States, Europe and Asia. He has heavily contributed to the hedge fund world. In the year 2002, he introduced the Alternative Investment Practice. In addition to this, he is an animal rights lover and campaigner.