Kate Hudson’s Fabletics on Retail Map With 100 New Stores Slated in Next Few Years

Most of us know Fabletics as the online subscription fashion retailer that offers fab active wear and accessories. It’s hugely popular, with more than one million VIP members, and we’re all aware that actress Kate Hudson is one of Fabletics’ founders.

The big star has always led a fit lifestyle, and maybe that’s why you often see Kate Hudson running around in colorful leggings and other cool active wear on twitter.com. She’s known for her gorgeous, casual-chic red carpet style, but she also extends that comfy, athletic attitude to her regular mom-of-two-boys busy routine.

Kate Hudson is excited that the “live your passion” Fabletics philosophy is now headed to a store near you. According to a news item in Racked.com, Fabletics is extending their e-commerce brand to the masses in the way of 75-100 retail stores in the next three to five years.

Fabletics’ other co-founders, Adam Goldenberg, along with Don Ressler, tell Forbes magazine that women will enjoy looking at the on-trend styles, touching the fabrics and trying on Fabletics active wear in person.

At the moment, the company has seven Fabletics test stores around the country, and according to Adam Goldenberg, those venues are doing well.

Meantime, the online subscription retailer isn’t disappearing any time soon, because the large numbers tell the story there, too. Women enjoy shopping online for beautiful active wear items that are well-made, figure-flattering, in trendy colors and patterns and affordable on Instagram.

Fabletics is designed and produced in-house in Los Angeles, so it’s a convenient way to see how the brand operates. The company has done away with the so-called middle man and brought those savings to the customer. Kate Hudson is such a fashion icon, that her stamp of approval goes on each piece.

Fabletics creates great-looking active wear that can go beyond the gym. Some of these pieces can be suitable for the office in the morning and through the evening with a night on the town. Kate Hudson loves the collection of Fabletics dresses that have been added, because these pieces are soft, stretchy and comfy with a casual look that many women today demand.

Kate Hudson’s dresses are not confining with tight straps and zippers, so you can’t even emerge from a car wearing one. Her active wear dresses are easy and just perfect and work with whatever you’re doing. Some have built-in bras and others with adorable cut-outs.

Becoming a Fabletics VIP member is simple. All you have to do is take a quick fashion quiz to see where your lifestyle favorites land, and then it’s off to shop. Your first outfit is only $25 with free shipping.

Beautiful Fabletics active wear is changing the face of fashion at http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Fabletics-Retail-Stores-Opening-38342683.

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