John Goullet: Leading Through Diverse Experience

Diversant is an IT solutions and staffing firm and the largest such African American owned firm in the United States. The firm approaches staffing and solutions in a unique way. Rather than trying to sell a firm an employee or a product, Diversant meets with the firm and explores the community that it is in. With this knowledge, Diversant then identifies what the firm’s needs are and what the community’s needs are. After it has created a package that it thinks will best suit the firm, Diversant presents the idea to the firm. The whole process is more of a partnership than a sale.

Diversant, as a firm, has three guiding principles and four core values. The first principle is the team approach. Rather than put just one Diversant employee with a client, a whole team is built specifically for each client based on their needs. The second principle is being diverse in every sense. Diversant believes that introducing diverse solutions will create better firms. This also goes for Diversant’s staffing strategy. The third and final principle is a focus on client satisfaction. Everything is designed in, around and for the clients.

John Goullet is one of the leaders at Diversant. His current position is Principal, as he loves playing a vital role in the day to day operations of the firm. Goullet started his career by getting a college degree from Ursinus College. After graduating, Goullet went on to work for various companies around New Jersey for roughly 10 years. He worked at Computer Sciences Corporation, The Constell Group, 3d Information Services, Cap Gemini America, and Tsr Consultants.

It was after a decade in the IT industry that Goullet felt he had enough experience and knowledge to pursue a niche that he felt was about to become very popular. This niche was IT staffing. Goullet could not find anyone else who was in the industry and he wanted to be one of the first. After 15 of successfully running Info Technologies, Goullet merged his firm with Gene Waddy to form Diversant.

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