Jason Hope, The 21st Century Futurist

Jason Hope is an astute businessman, philanthropist, and technophile. It is, however, his work as a futurist that has put him in the limelight. He can predict future events based on what is currently happening in the world. His work has mostly been appreciated by the technology world.

As a futurist, Jason Hope has been able to discuss his views on the IoT– the Internet of Things. According to him, in the coming years, the IoT is going to be a household name. The businesses will understand the importance of data and utilize it, the manufacturing and healthcare sectors will embrace the technology, and lastly, there will be the birth of printed devices.


Jason Hope is also very passionate about philanthropy and loves to help other people. His chosen organization is the SENS foundation. He loves and is passionate about the type of work they do at the foundation. The foundation is involved with research on the anti-aging factors and how people can perform better to create a long lasting life.

According to Jason Hope medicine should not be for curing but prevention. That is why he supports this foundation so that they can defy the odds and come up with treatments that can stop the chronic diseases from ever developing.


Technology is going to define the future. Because of that, Jason as been involved with numerous projects like developing mobile apps and software- both gaming and desktop oriented software. He targets a wide range of avenues in research and the development sector. He wants to focus on developing technology that will improve the human life and bring about fun and enjoyment.

Jason Hope studies technology to be able to know the potential trends and utilize them. He continues to work with different business and company to be able to develop cutting edge technology.

Investment Opportunities

Jason supports future entrepreneurs who are interested in the technology sector. Most of the young entrepreneurs do have great ideas, but it is the lack of finances that holds them back. It is because of this reason that he offers the students in their senior year grants to help them jumpstart their careers.

If you have a business idea that you feel can impact the technology sector, then you can submit your request. Jason personally reviews all the applications and decides who receives the grants. You are advised to create a solid submission via his website.

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