Investors are Flocking to iFunding

The real estate market is vital to the American economy, but it constantly needs innovation. Innovators have brought unique change to the real estate market for the better. One of the biggest innovators in the real estate market today is William Skelley.

William Skelley is an extremely bright mind in the real estate industry, as CrunchBase showcases. He was well trained at Hobart College, and he knew that he could forever change the way people think about real estate funding. A few years ago, he started a unique company that should change the way people think about investing.

Real estate projects are necessary for economic growth, but they often struggle to receive the funding they need. Often they must seek out multiple banks or wait for a large investor to come around and invest in their project. William Skelley told RealHeartland he saw this problem and knew he could find a solution, but he had his eye on yet another problem.

The real estate market is incredibly lucrative, and it definitely attracts a fair share of investors. Unfortunately, many investors find it difficult to break into the market. Most developers want a large amount of money, so small investors are detracted from looking into the market. Finding worthwhile developments to invest in required a great amount of time, so other investors avoided the market to save themselves some time.

Skelley knew that he could connect potential investors with developers by utilizing the crowd funding idea. CNBC shows he launched iFunding, so developers and small investors could easily find each other. Developers can post their projects with a full description on iFunding’s website. Potential investors can then look at the developments and make a decision to invest or not. Investments require a minimum of $5,000 so they can easily make a small investment. This platform is easy to use, and it will allow developers and investors to connect.

IFunding has been an incredibly popular platform from the start. Several huge projects have been able to attract funders with ease. These great projects have included commercial developments, housing developments, and industrial developments. These investors have made a great deal of money, and the developers are incredibly happy with their projects.

The real estate market is constantly evolving, and it needs innovation to support this growth. iFunding is an incredible platform that should continue to grow for years to come. With this platform more investors will be brought to the market and more projects can be built.