Igor Cornelsen-The Career Investment Advisor with a Knack of Investing

Born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1947, Igor Cornelsen is a career investment advisor who has made a reputation for himself as a professional investment banker with Bank of America, which he joined in 1978. As an investment banker, he has worked with several prominent banks like Libra Bank PLC and Unibanco. His motivation to work as an investment advisor stems from many years of working experience in the investment banking sector. Having managed stocks for various banks, he has worked with in his career, becoming an investment advisor was a consequence of his experience in life.

His business mindset is outstanding. He doesn’t believe in being influenced by anyone, including professors and analysts. He believes in equipping himself with facts instead of others’ opinions. Also as an investment advisor, he also runs a successful investment advisory firm, which he has managed to grow due to his ability to find depreciated assets before his competitors. He strictly uses Reuter’s news for enhancing his productivity, for he believes the web news service isn’t biased in its reporting of the actual events taking place. One habit that continues to make Igor Cornelsen productive as a businessman is; spending huge amounts of time reading information on analysis from unbiased analysts and investors.

In 1965, the career investment advisor started pursuing a BS in engineering from Federal University of Parana. In 1970, he completed his studies and obtained his degree and then started working as a professional investment banker. He moved to Rio de Janeiro where his career as an investment banker commenced. He became a member of Multibancos board of directors in 1974, having been the best recruit among other recruits that yearned to become the board of directors for Multibancos. He was promoted to the rank of CEO two years later for having demonstrated great performance as a board member of the bank. He later joined Bank of America in 1978 after the bank acquired Multibancos. Shortly afterward, he left the bank for Unibanco where he worked until 1978. Today, he operates as a private career investment advisor.


Igor Cornelsen has a knack for investing apart from being a professional career investment advisor. His contribution to the banking sector is truly invaluable.