IAP Worldwide is the Leader in Providing Logistics Services, Technical and Professional services, and Disaster Management

IAP Worldwide has been the fastest growing services company for more than 20 years. The company offers a continuum of services in global-scale logistics, professional and advanced technical services as well as global logistical support activities to U.S. organizations and international government agencies. The company was founded in 1990 initially to provide seasoned program management before diversifying into innovative, reliable and safe capabilities to meet the diverse and sophisticated challenges and needs of their customers.

IAP Worldwide has its corporate headquarters at Cape Canaveral, Florida, operates in roughly 20 countries with its more than 110 subsidiaries. IAP focuses on making the impossible possible. They does this by engaging the unexpected, responding to challenges ranging from natural calamities to foreign battlefields. They own research laboratories, military installations that are pretty much the size of a city and civilian facilities to help them manage and execute complicated technical and logistical challenges.

Since IAP was established, the company has been building the future to meet the needs of its ever increasing clients. According to reports by PR Newswire, IAP acquired both DRS Technologies Incorporation and the Tactical Communication & Network Solutions, (TCNS) a year ago. DRS Technologies was an Oklahoma-based logistics and aviation business while TCNS was located in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. DRS Technologies offered logistics, aircraft repair management and mission support services while TCNS provided IT, communication support and engineering solutions to contractors in the department of defense.

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The acquisition by IAP Worldwide was meant to consolidate the exceptional capabilities and talents of the two firms as part of its longstanding growth strategy. It can now serve its clients across the world with more than double the size of its addressable market. The two companies acquired formed a completely new business line; Aviation and Engineering Solutions, increasing the company’s portfolio of services and solutions to serve international organizations and government agencies.

The move to acquire DRS and TCNS was not the company’s first of its kind. In 2005, the company had acquired a global leader in managing and maintaining military bases and commercial facilities, Johnson Control Worldwide Services. As such, they became a trusted partner of the United States military during their operation ‘Desert Storm’. IAP also acquired G3 System, a UK-based engineering and construction company offering modular infrastructural system, deployable and associated services.

Today, the company has the capability to develop, manage, operate, maintain and deliver equipment and facilities to all its clients based upon its experience of operating in all the harsh and challenging environments.

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