Guilherme Paulus Turns Brazil’s Tour Industry On Its Head

For a long time now, Guilherme Paulus has been the face of the Brazil travel and tour industry. He began in his early twenties and has grown tremendously to earn a place among the great Brazilian entrepreneurs. His incredible journey began in 1972 when he was still an intern at IBM.

He had just graduated with an accounting degree and was learning the ropes when Carlos Vicente shared with him the possibility of starting a travel agency. He bought the idea and the Brasil CVC Operadora was up and running in no time. Brazilian tourists could now plan their itineraries without much hustle. The firm has since become a powerhouse and their services have gone beyond the boundaries of Brazil. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

These services have had a lasting impression on clients who keep coming back for more. He chose the path of every successful entrepreneur as he worked to break free from past traditions. The travel packages available for clients ensure that their needs are met in a timely and convenient manner. Guilherme Paulus’ influence in the tourism sector earned him a spot in Brazil’s National Tourism council at the turn of the century.

He has remained a step ahead of the competition thanks to the diverse services he offers. This ability was best illustrated in 2006 when he acquired the Webjet airline. Five years later, the airline was ranked among the top three airlines in Brazil. He cashed in on the business and kept his entrepreneurial spirit alive.


The Webjet airline project came a year after he set up the GJP Hotels & Resorts chain. The hotel chain has experienced tremendous growth over the years and ranks among the leading chains in Latin America.

His efforts in the travel and hotel industries have not gone unnoticed. He was Brazil’s Entrepreneur of the Year last year. Guilherme Paulus commands the same respect and admiration in numerous other countries around the world. France and USA are among the greatest beneficiaries of his work in their respective tourism sectors.

Age has not stood in the way of Guilherme Paulus. Like wine, he has become better with age. At 68 he still intends to add more hotels to his already impressive portfolio. He is also actively involved in numerous charitable causes including the PIET project which enlightens budding entrepreneurs on matters tourism. Read this article at