Green Means Gold For Brazilian Eucatex

Keeping a small environmental impact while keeping profits high is a hard task for a business, back in the 1950’s such a thing was nearly unheard of. For Brazilian Eucatex this was not only a dream but a goal that became a reality. Through innovation and design Flavio Maluf and Eucatex have made big strides in both green production and monetary success.

In 1951, the Maluf family created Eucatex with the idea of using eucalyptus trees for the creation of their roof tiles. This not only would produce better acoustics but also help lower environmental impact. This proved successful and Eucatex was able to expand and build plants throughout South America. Currently, Eucatex ships to over 50 countries and has expanded their product lines to other items such as paints. They have also began a forestry leasing program in various rural areas.

Joining Eucatex after living abroad, Flavio started off in the family business in the production sector. Flavio Maluf then transferred to other parts of Eucatex. In 1997 Maluf assumed an executive role before finally taking the role of president. An innovator and visionary Flavio continues to expand Eucatex’s business model.

As part of the Maluf family, Flavio had keep to the high expectations of the family and the business that they built from the ground up over fifty years ago. Flavio graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) with a degree in mechanical engineering. After Flavio began to study business in NYU for a year then returned to Brazil to join Eucatex.  With Eucatex Flavio has won many awards, and has become central to Brazil’s economy.  Offering important advise about the state of the economy, and the future of education.

The belief that a company can be successful while at the same time keeping their impact to the environment as minimal as possible has been the focal point for Eucatex for many decades. Now with more factories and more products, Eucatex still considers innovation with an environmental conscience key to their business model. Flavio Maluf and the rest of this family owned business have kept this philosophy since the beginning and will into the future ensuring big success for Eucatex while keeping environmentally friendly.