Fenty Beauty by Rihanna: The Wait is On

It has long been the trend to attempt to look like your favorite celebrity. As the makeup industry drastically improved, so did the capabilities to look like your favorite stars. Both men and women influence the industry today, and stars that you would never expect are launching makeup lines.

Rihanna, for example, is a beauty with an edgy look. Countless tutorials exist that attempt to teach someone how to have Rihanna inspired makeup, but they often do not do the trick. Well, the wait is over and anticipation can commence now that the singer released information that she is launching her own makeup line. Named Fenty Beauty, we unfortunately will not see these products on the shelf until around fall 2017.

Curious minds are contemplating the overall quality that Fenty Beauty will possess, but it is essential to remember that this is not Rihanna’s first rodeo in the makeup business. In fact, the singer teamed up with MAC a few years ago and launched three, successful products. She also has a handful of fragrances under her belt. Regardless of Rihanna’s experience, her new line will undoubtedly benefit a very diverse audience around the globe.

The anticipation for makeup blogger, Wengie, to release her opinions and future tutorials on Fenty Beauty has begun, too. The Australian social media queen is known for her cutting-edge makeup tutorials, reviews, and flawless photos that paint a picture of the power of makeup. Curiosity has spiked as the wait for a Fenty Beauty tutorial commences.

In addition to tutorials and reviews, Wengie regularly posts travel news and anything related to fashion. Skin care tips, how to use certain products, and opinion pieces are only a few of the reasons why people cannot stop following Wengie. The blogger undoubtedly grows busier by the day as more celebrities launch makeup lines.