Dr. Don Rand: Treating Aging Disorders through Personalized Care

Dr. Dov Rand runs and is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. These are rehabilitation and physical medicine centers for age-related diseases. Dr. Dov Rand recently added to this form of medical care, similar and functional home-based practices. These are meant for people who want to age healthy by avoiding medical practices. He has been running Healthy Aging Medical Centers for a period of 10 years. The idea came from his passion for a healthy diet and general well-being, key aspects that define a person.

Dr. Dov Rand provides complete care to his patients by use of an integrated treatment that combines both hormonal and therapeutic treatments. This treatment balances the hormones of the people with aging disorders to the level of a normal healthy person. Dr. Dov Rand also incorporates in the treatments of compassionate and holistic aspects in dealing with patients. Patients go through a wide range of personalized tests before a diagnosis. This helps to develop a tailor-made treatment for a particular patient. Services provided at Healthy Aging Medical Centers include nutrition, fitness and hormone replacement therapy.

Dr. Dov Rand also provides awareness to the patients on the relationship between their symptoms and the prevailing hormonal levels. This understanding helps in improving the effectiveness of the program. The patients then go to the restoration program of the hormonal imbalance. The program improves the efficiency of the digestive system. This results in an increased reduction of the adipose tissues that lead to significant weight loss. This exterior impact motivates the patients to complete the program.

Dr. Dov Rand then proceeds with physical therapy that helps with the weak ligaments that sustain the posture against gravity. These exercises in return result in increased energy levels and stamina. It also reduces the rate at which a patient is likely to get depressed. He has trained his staff on the mechanism of handling the patients and this improves the effectiveness of the program.

Healthy Aging Medical Centre under the leadership of Dr. Dov Rand is determined to help more people deal with aging disorders. It is the personalized care offered to the patients that have increased the business growth as it leads to referrals.

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