David Osio And Davos Real Estate Group Simplfying Investing

In a recent PR Newswire press release the Davos Real Estate Group and David Osio presented a new application (app) named Davos CAP Calculator, which will effectively estimate the return on investment for clients of the real estate company. Davos Real Estate group is part of Davos Financial Group, a leader in the Latin American real estate market. Website for the Davos Financial Group: David Osio Slidshare

This financial group specializes in building wealth for their clients by the accumulation of real estate properties.

Tecknolution is the company creating the app which will allow principals to know the gain from each of their investment real estate purchases. The app is available on iPhone and Android devices. In the future, this app will be able to forward real estate reports to agents and clients. By using the app, investors can estimate the rental price for each individual property. This Davos CAP Calculator will also estimate individual mortgages based on bank rates, and the duration of the loan.

Davos Real Estate Group, has been working on a new international real estate strategy based on their revolutionary app. The first venture will be in Spain.

Learn more about David Osio by visiting his website: DavidOsio.com

This application and others are generating great interest in our social media connected world. Our personal and business lives are changing thanks in part to the power of the internet. Ask any teenager how much they value their cell phones and you will realize for them it is more valuable than its weight in gold. If a student with poor grades is threatened to have their cell phone taken by a parent, the child would have no other choice but to study or to contact social services to have their parent accused of child abuse. Recently during the parade of the athletes at the Rio Olympics, the athletes walked onto the main arena and most had cell phones in hand broadcasting their experiences to friends, family, and social media. We as a society have become unwitting victims of our modern technology and there will be no going back. Enter any third world country and count the cell phones in use. It is endemic. David Osio and other app designers are taking control of the business world by creating new and exciting apps. There is no use in fighting it.

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