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Achievement of sustainable development requires strategic investment in all aspects of our endeavors. These include the trading sector which should promote social responsibility. There is a high recommendation for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) under socially responsible class. They exist worldwide and are passively managed.

To attain financial returns and social value, USSIF recommends the following major groups of strategies about sustainable development. These include; Themed investing, negative screening, positive screening, and ESG integration. Environment and gender related ETFs are highly recommended by Netpicks to be the best social investments that one can participate. Below is a summary of the major four green ETFs investment sectors:

  • Social Responsible Companies is a guarantee of exponential investment returns.
  • Small Carbon Footprint companies that release minimal greenhouse gases to the atmosphere hence mitigating global warming
  • Gender Sensitive enterprises that consider gender diversity dynamics in various top positions of leadership
  • Minimum Carbon exposure companies that participate in carbon reduction activities to lower carbon offset amount
  • Selection of the most efficient ETF relies on numerous factors majorly funds, risks, and factoring of the field of investment.
  • Sustainable development will only be achieved through social investment of our limited resources wisely to technologies that also conserve our environment

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