Christopher Burch, the Ambitious Entrepreneur

Chris Burch is a remarkable entrepreneur and investor in a wide range of industries like technology, real estate, and many others. He foresaw the growth of over 50 companies ( He contributed to a wide range of brands and technologies like Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water and Faena Hotel +Universe. His entrepreneurial background made him a bold investor who succeeded in every business he started for almost 40 years.

His entrepreneurial career grew from back in 1976 at Ithaca College where he and his brother Bob invested in the Eagles Eye apparel which progressed from $2000 to $165million investment. Later Swire groups purchased the firm from the duos. Besides Eagle’s Eye organization, Burch was also the earliest member of Internet Capital Group, which was an IPO renown in the internet space.

Chris Burch ambitions didn’t halt from there, during his visit to Nihitu beach together with his alley, Peter graves in 1988 gave him a new vision. The two were in the search for a perfect wave when the idea emerged to create a luxurious result that would bring a fascinating experience to the Sumba community and other people who liked the place. Initially, Nihiwatu beach was nicknamed the “mortar stone” by the settlers who lived there because it was an isolated rock formation along the tide.

Chris Burch together with his Southern African friend James McBride the remarkable hotelier who was the CEO of YTL Hotels in Singapore, took the partnership to purchase nihitu hostel from a couple from new jersey, their vision was to renovate the hostels into a unique five-star resort, to maintain the legacy of the Nihiwatu island, see Nihiwatu resort the under the partnership of the duos was voted as the best resort in the world that got awards for Travel and Leisure in both 2016 and 2017. The hotel was on the west coast of a remote island named Sumba. The success of the resort got global recognition leading to it being one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.


Nihiwatu is a unique resort that contains 27 private villas. It is located at the shores of the Indian Ocean. The place is fascinating with many entertainments, a cultural legacy for the Sumba community. The success of the Nihiwatu resort has made a massive investment for the bold investors. When it comes to the best resort Nihiwatu has been taking the lead.