Chris Burch Has Created A Standout Hotel

Chris Burch has taken on the job of creating a special resort where individuals can go to escape their day-to-day life and he has done a good job with that resort. Set in a remote location, this hotel is something that stands out from all others around. This man bought a beach hostel with a hotelier, James McBride. This hostel is set on an island in Indonesia ( The two men worked together, and they have changed that hostel into something amazing. They worked on renovating the place before they reopened it with the name Nihiwatu. The hotel features beautiful views and excellent opportunities for its guests to relax. There are pools available to those guests who would like to swim, and there are spas to help others get a break in a different way.

There are times when a person will get into something new after finding success in a different area. Burch is someone who is a successful investor. He is the Founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has handled a variety of different projects before he chose to take on the hotel industry. He is someone who has done well in all of the work that he has taken on before and he is someone who seems to be doing well again with Nihiwatu.

Chris Burch works on having a diverse investment portfolio. He does not focus on just one industry when it comes to the investing that he does but he instead focuses on multiple industries and gets involved in all kinds of causes.

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He is someone who has invested in Brad’s Raw Foods and Little Duck Organics, but he is also someone who has invested in apparel and home furnishing companies. He works on investing in a variety of markets and being involved in a good mix of companies. Read more on