Chris Burch: Future Trends in Technology and Fashion

The technology industry has grown in relating to the fashion industry. According to many technologists, they consider their technological development fashionable when they are adopted on a massive scale. For this reason, we might have relished that the use of technology and fashion is an imminent factor of consideration. Therefore, the two industries are considered seamless. For the longest time, they have grown together in all ages of development. We have also realized that they will always keep growing together. When technology is developed over time, it is also considered as fashionable. On the other hand, fashion is also considered as technological fashionable when its use replicates technology. A fascinating part of this journey is how they have kept on growing together. Therefore, we might understand this scenario when we look at past events that denote their acceptability in society.


According to Chris Burch, technology is one of the places where you might consider using your imminent facility management capabilities to initiate. However, the 70s brought about the introduction of the boom box. This was one of the most influential excitements that brought about technology. For anyone who had the boom box technology, he had the capability of walking around with their favorite tunes and stations. For this reason, the boom box also had to curette decks installed. While you were using one cassette deck play music, you can use the other one to record the playing music simultaneously. When the use was considered as fashionable, its use was spread to the 80s where the introduction of movies in the cassette was imminent. Because the use of the boom box technology was good, it was considered as fashionable. Because people adopted its use in a manner that depicts market leadership, fashion was made manifest in them.


For more than one decade, the introduction of the Walkman technology was introduced in the world. Its use was one of the most interesting parts of fashion and technology. Everyone who had the Walkman was considered as fashionable. Its use was spread it the 90s where the introduction of the iPod was made manifest to all people. The iPod was one of the latest pieces of technology. If you had the device, you would accept the fact that people work to meet their deadlines. When we open our eyes and see the reality, we know the truth of the matter. For what is considered fashionable, technology grows.