Honey Birdette expands in UK and US

Victoria’s Secret has a new competitor on the world-wide lingerie scene. Australian brand Honey Birdette continues to expand, opening a string of new shops in the United Kingdom and launching a dedicated e-commerce site for the United States.

The Big Plan
Honey Birdette plans to open 40 UK retail locations by the end of 2018. It currently has three locations there: London’s Covent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. It also plans to open other European locations.

Expanded US Retail Line
Founded by Brisbane entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006, the company realized the need to expand when it experienced a 374 percent increase in US online sales during the last 12 months. The US site features an expanded product line designed for the American consumer, faster delivery free delivery for orders more than $50, and a simplified returns process. It also has plans for US retail locations.

At Home In Australia
Within Australia, Honey Birdette has 55 retail locations. The brand features premium lingerie and underwear, plus high-end boudoir items. Prices for its bras start at £60 and for its panties at £35 for briefs and for bras. Its stores include a honey of an experience with lush decor, champagne and personal shopping assistance. Its Pleasure Parlor lets you experience certain items before buying them. The accessory line includes cuffs, collars, harnesses, candles, and more. Honey Birdette also offer bespoke accessories. In lieu of a store branded credit card like Victoria’s Secret offers, it offers the payment process, Future Pay.

Bruce R Bent II is the Father of the Mutual Fund

In 1970, Bruce R Bent II created the very first money market fund called the Reserve Fund. He wanted investors to get one dollar back for each dollar they invested. Bruce R Bent II was born the son of Bruce R Bent in Great Neck, New York where he grew up. Bent was a student at St. Aloysius School, and he graduated from Great Neck North High School. After high school, Bruce R Bent II took a job as a mail clerk while figuring out his next move. He enlisted in the Marines and served two years before continuing his college education. Bruce R Bent II earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from the St. John’s University in 1961. In 1991, Bruce R Bent received a second bachelor’s degree when he enrolled at Northeastern University as a philosophy major.

He immediately began his career at LF Rothchild Inc when he accepted a management partnership. In 1963, Bent took a position at TIAA-CREF pension fund where would work for several more years. It was at TIAA-CREF that Bent met Henry Bedinger Rust “Harry” Brown. In 1968, the two men would create Brown & Bent. The very next year, Bruce Bent had brainstormed the very first mutual money market fund that he would launch the following year. In the next three years, the New York times wrote an article about this grand new investment product. Soon Brown & Bent had $100 million in investments. Harry Brown continued with Brown & Bent until 1985.

Bruce Bent is married to a woman named Nancy in Nassau County where they raised their two sons. Today, Bent is running Double Rock Corporation with his two sons.

A mutual fund is a small term open-ended mutual fund. The mutual funds are just as safe an investment as the regular money accounts in the bank except that it yields more interest. People who have extra cash that they can store away for a few years are perfect candidates for mutual funds. Many people use these funds to one day pay for their children’s college expenses or even for retirement.

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Copa Star is a Luxury Hotel Meets Hospitality

What is the future of hospitals? Are hospitals to remain white and gray buildings filled with noise and sickness? Imagine a hospital that emitted positive energy on rafarquitetura.com. What if there was a place of healing that didn’t make people feel uncomfortable of threatened? Who would want to go to a hospital like that? The answer, everyone. Copa Star is a hospital determined to bring healing facilities into a luxurious future. To Copa, advanced technology isn’t enough. Copa Star wants its patients to feel comfortable and relaxed like they’re on vacation at a luxury hotel.

The objective of Copa is to combine the luxury quality of a 5-star hotel with the efficiency of a high-tech medical facility. The foundation of building such a project is finding the right location. Not only does this type of hospital have to be centrally placed, but it also needs to be near a relaxing environment. Along with such a privileged location comes extravagant architecture and decorations. In addition to its many luxury qualities, Copa Star also staffs a group of highly trained professionals. These professionals are dedicated to providing patients with best quality medicine on terra.com.

This hospital was a massive collaboration between several parties. When everything was said and done, the building cost most than R$400 million (roughly about $123,827,508 USD).That’s much money for just architecture and decorations. That investment amount on scoopnest.com doesn’t include equipment, personnel, or training. The Copa owners have gone out of their way to create an innovative concept that would outshine any other hospital in the world. Walking into the Copa Star doesn’t even feel like walking into a hospital. There are priceless works of arts, created by legendary Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota.

The traditional view of hospitals has quickly become outdated. For many, it’s also the smell of alcohol and ether that throws them off. The Copa Star is not the kind of hospital that tortures its patients and visitors with that prehistoric ambiance. The Copa’s lobby is less like an office building and more like a paradise Copacabana. Rather than the traditional sterile, white walls, the lobby is filled with natural lighting and more friendly colors.

The Copa Star, like many specialty hospitals, has its particular departments. The Copa Star specializes in neurology and cardiology surgeries. The Copa Star has dedicated over one hundred doctors and experts to provide patients with the best options. Each doctor is an experienced physician in his or hers chosen field. The rest of Copa Star’s staff is highly trained. Copa Star officials spent two months training just to work out any problems that may arise during real emergencies.