Willis Towers Watson Poised For Continued Growth Under Michael Burwell

Most of the successful companies in the globe have invested in highly experienced and talented individuals. Willis Towers Watson, a leading advisory, and insurance broking firm understand this very well. The firm recently announced the appointment of Michael J. Burwell as the Chief Financial Officer. Michael Burwell will bring innovative and efficient strategies to enhance the company’s position in the international scene.


The CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, said that Mr. Burwell would guide the company’s long-term growth plans. He added that Burwell’s experience in the financial sector would help the company navigate the somewhat competitive and complex field. He will replace Roger Millay, who has since retired. Roger was instrumental in laying the foundation for a successful entity in the future. He is credited with providing impressive leadership and guidance.


Willis Towers Watson’s existence can be traced back to the late 1820s. The firm overcame a range of economic and socio-political challenges to become a global entity. The endurance can be attributed to the provision of customized services to its clients. In essence, its operations are premised on providing efficient solutions that turn risks into opportunities. It is an approach that has helped create, protect, and strengthen individuals and institutions in the financial sector.


The firm boasts of a presence in over 140 countries and a workforce of about 40,000 employees. The workforce comprises of highly skilled and motivated individuals who drive the business growth plans. Burwell’s entry into the scene is also expected to enhance productivity.


Burwell attended Michigan State University, where he pursued Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He is also a Certified Public Accountant. He has held prominent positions in big corporates such as PwC within the United States and beyond. Burwell ‘s experience in the financial sector spans over three decades. Burwell is well versed in the areas of pre-merger due diligence and valuation as well as in finance and professional services. Visit This Page for more information.


Burwell said that he was fascinated by the firm’s prioritization of clients’ needs and strong leadership. In fact, these are the pre-requisites for a successful company. Besides, he mentioned that he was impressed by the unique culture anchored on a collaborative and inclusive working environment. The comments highlighted his delight to join the company and contributing to its global expansion and growth. Indeed, Burwell’s presence and active involvement in Willis Towers Watson operations are expected to propel the company to higher scales in the industry.


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Glen Wakeman Works To Help The Entrepreneurs Of Tomorrow

A world leader in finance, Glen Wakeman is no stranger to the world of business. But, as many do, he started out at the bottom. After graduating college, he had to put in the effort to make his skills work in the practical world of business. Now, he gives his unique perspective on that world as an experienced mentor.



Bringing His Knowledge To Budding Entrepreneurs

Over many years in the world of business, Wakeman has seen his fair share of successes and failures, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than sharing the valuable lessons that he’s learned. He takes pride in defending his thoughts and establishing the importance of ideas. A master of establishing successful ideas via debate, he brings the best ideas forward, and often, takes them to success (https://ideamensch.com/glen-wakeman/).



Connections Are The Key

Of the many pieces of advice that Wakeman can offer, one stands out among them. One of his guiding principles is understanding the massive importance of connections, both in securing funding and in keeping a business afloat. Connections provide a business with a solid link to success, and they can determine whether you get that vital first wave of customers, or whether your business will flop.


Wakeman offers solid advice on the subject, imploring upcoming entrepreneurs to stay in touch with every friend and acquaintance, despite time or distance. While busy days and the demands of running a business can make this hard, he notes that the convenience of social media can make these connections into a strong tool for becoming successful. He believes that this advice is one of the most important principles of running a business.



On His Horizon

But Wakeman isn’t just a savvy mentor, sharing past lessons learned the hard way (ForexWizard.Biz). He keeps an eye on the future, and seeking new opportunities, he has expressed interest in the trend of utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence in business. With more data than a person could reasonably make sense of, machine learning, he believes, is the path to gaining valuable insight, and informing decisions based on the raw data. However, he does have concerns about this trend, noting an increasing lack of privacy, and stating that he hopes for a future where philosophy and politics are able to keep dangerous advances in check.

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