Ryan Seacrest

Born on December 24th, 1974, Ryan Seacrest has become a massive name in the American broadcast media department. Ryan has spent close to three decades in broadcast media and has gained vast experience as he has accomplishments. Among the significant deals he got was being the executive producer as well as the co-host of the show Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve.

He got a great chance of working Clark, and he continued being a co-host of the show even after 2012 when Clark passed on. It was his turning point as many people say because it is through being a co-host that Ryan secured top-tier positions in America’s broadcast media.

Another major deal that Ryan Seacrest secured was the Emmy Award Winning show of Live with Kelly and Ryan where he became a co-host alongside Kelly Ripa. It is a morning drive show that is syndicated by Disney Pictures and has become quite common in Los Angeles with over 3 milion listeners daily.

This year, the morning drive show has been nominated for the Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show award, and Ryan predicts that the chances of winning are highest. Ryan has also been a co-host of the TV station E- Entertainment which is always broadcasting live red carpet events.

Ryan is not just an expert at being a co-host. He has shown proficiency even as a solo host for the American Idol this year. The show has made Ryan get Emmy Award nominations over the years from 2004 to 2016. American Idol had had a long break of close to two years, but it got back on the screens this year on ABC and using Ryan Seacrest has helped it gain a large viewership.

Aside from just TV, Ryan has put his best foot forward in the entrepreneurial world by venturing into the clothing industry and even fragrances. Ryan is a philanthropist by nature and has partnered with a vast number of charity organizations as well as non-profit organizations to improve the lives of different people.

He even has his charity organization known as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which has received support over the years from many celebrities to support its course. Ryan has also ventured into TV production where he has produced favorite shows such as Keeping Up with The Kardashians among other reality shows. It goes to show the passion he has for the media industry.

Stream Energy Is Branching Out In A Big Way

Many corporations now include charitable giving as part of their whole corporate outlook. Donating to or sponsoring an event or organization has become the new normal among big businesss. Stream Energy, the direct sell energy company, is a bit different in the fact that Stream has always had a strong charitable spirit. The staff at Stream Energy have always given back to their Texas communities and beyond. In fact, Stream Energy has set up their own philanthropic organization, Stream Cares.

The goal of Stream Cares is to house and direct all of the philanthropic efforts of Stream staff. While not a requirement of the job, many of the staff at Stream Energy feel the need to give back to their communities working with the charity of their choice. Stream has built up long standing relationships with both Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross. Staff from Stream work to raise money and donate time to both organizations. Stream Cares also works with the Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply Co. Works with the homeless youth population in Texas and supplies neccessary items for homeless kids to succeed in school such as: school supplies, backpacks, clothing, and diapers. Recently, Stream Cares partnered with Hope Supply Co. to send area homeless kids to area waterparks for a day of fun.

Stream Cares also helps with environmental disasters such as when Hurricane Harvey dumped 56 inches of rain on Houston area nieghborhoods wrecking houses and forcing people to evacuate. Stream staff wasted no time in raising the necessary funds for families so that they could get back into their neighborhoods and rebild their lives. Or when tornados touched down in north Texas at Christmas time, Stream staff partnered with the Salvation Army and wasted no time in raising money for the victims so they could rebuild. Stream Energy ended up making a matching donation to all monies raised by their staff. To read more about the humanitarian efforts of the Stream Energy staff, please click here.


Jason Hope Is Supportive Of The New Technology To Fight Age Related Diseases Cell Reorganization

On a daily basis out body cells are dealing with destructive and cell damaging forces. Jason Hope reports that the body will try to repair or destroy issue cells. If it destroys the cells it will use apoptosis, which is a form of cellular suicide. In the event the cells can’t be fully destroyed they will be placed into a state of senescence. Under senescence, cells do not grow and do not gain the potential to become cancerous.

Jason is a serial investor. Also he is an avid philanthropist. He works to help other people.

Tissue Repair And Replacement
In various tissues, the body tries to replace any lost cells with stem cells. Exercise can spark the division of stem cells in muscle tissue. During our youth, this process works great, however, as we get older, stem cells are not as good with repairing damaged cells. Additionally, not all tissues have the specialized stem cells, and those tissues hold the lifetime of cells from the very moment of adulthood.

Jason Hope is supporting SENS Foundation as they seek solutions to age-related cell loss. There are a couple of SENS technologies created to fight cell loss and replacement issues. The solutions not only minimize organ rejection, but they also treat and prevent age-related diseases. This breakthrough technology will one day allow physicians to use patient cells to make custom-made cells. After this process go into effect their will be no need for transplants.

Jason Hope reports that both of the new technologies are gearing towards turning the adult cells to embryonic stem-like cells. This new form of cells can change into any body cell it needs to. There would be no genetic defects due to aging or other cell damage. The body would not reject the cells because it was created directly from the patient. Lastly, the physician would have the ability to grow as many cells as needed for the treatment.

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New Technology Details
The first technology uses several procedures that change old cells into a similar embryonic stem cell. Those cells can then be swayed into becoming the type of cell that we need. Finally, the cell would be effective in helping to rebuild aging tissue. Jason Hope reports that some of the mature cells from certain areas in the body can be changed into other cell types without the reprogramming.

The second technology infuses a donor egg with genetic map from the patient to make the embryonic cells. This method would have the cells match the recipient’s genetics. Scientists would still have to put in the work to shift the cell into the type of cell they needed for treatment.

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Betsy DeVos Continues To Work Hard To Give Low Income American Families Freedom Of Educational Choice

Betsy DeVos is known to many as the Secretary of Education for the United States, but there is a lot more to her than that. DeVos is also a longtime supporter of using public funding to pay for American children’s tuition costs into private and charter schools. This is called educational choice, and passing more legislation that would allow for this would give parents the opportunity to send their kids to a school they choose. As it is now, most American children are forced to attend a public school based on one simple factor, and that factor is the zip code of their home. It almost seems silly that the greatest country in the world continues to follow an outdated practice, but here we are living in a digital world, and the educational system has not come along as of yet.


As soon as Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the Secretary of Education for the U.S.A., she got to work. One of her first moves was to pay a visit to many different schools in the state of Florida. She even made an appearance with the rapper Pitbull who has opened a set of charter schools up in the state. The reason DeVos has focused so much on the sunshine state is because of its tax-credit scholarship program. In short, Florida has been supporting educational choice for longer than any other state, and there are currently more than 50,000 students who are going to a school that their family chose.


Betsy DeVos has also supported Indiana and Louisiana, which are both states that have supported educational choice through the passing of specific helpful programs. These programs have allowed the state to serve close to one million students in any given year. While there are not a million students who are currently participating in those state’s programs, the choice is there for their families if they ever decide to. Betsy DeVos wants people to understand that this is the beauty of educational choice. The word choice is a part of the two word phrase for a reason, and that is because it is truly the choice of a child’s family as to where they will go to school. If public school is working for them, DeVos has no problem with that. She just wants every American family to have the choice.


In Florida, Betsy DeVos also visited CARE Elementary School, which was named the Christian Academy for Reaching Excellence in the past. CARE participates in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, which allows corporations and individuals to receive tax credits for making donations to groups that take the money and create scholarships for kids whose families want them to attend a private or religious school. Many economically challenged families have been helped by the program, and Betsy DeVos is very happy about that. DeVos has admitted that she has no plans of slowing down her support for educational choice in the United States, and many more low-income families will surely benefit from the hard work she is doing.


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Shafik Sachedina: A Businessman And Philanthropist Who Provides Rehabilitation Services

Shafik Sachedina is the owner of Sussex Healthcare, one of the most prestigious rehabilitation centers in the United Kingdom. He is from a family who immigrated to the United Kingdom from Tanzania, and when he settled in the United Kingdom, he vowed that he would be creating a facility that would cater to the public, providing them with the medical services that they needed.

Before he established the Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina called on his colleagues in the medical industry and shared his idea of building a rehabilitation facility outside London. He knew that the United Kingdom needs more rehabilitation facilities, and he told his colleagues that he would want to open one. His colleagues supported him with his plan, and together, they established the Sussex Healthcare, admitting people who are injured or diagnosed with mental and physical disorders, subjecting them to different therapies until they’ve shown signs of improvement. The Sussex Healthcare has also been admitting senior citizens who are looking for a nursing home where they can retire.

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Through the years, the Sussex Healthcare became one of the premier rehabilitation centers in the United Kingdom. Many people who have been in this facility are saying that Shafik Sachedina did a great job of employing people who genuinely care about their conditions. The facility focuses on four major types of patients and clients – the brain injured, those who are suffering from dementia, patients suffering from physical and mental disorders, and retired senior citizens who chose the Sussex Healthcare as their second home. Many individuals have shown their support for the facility established by Shafik Sachedina because it helped them recover faster, because of the world-class service offered by the staff.

Shafik Sachedina is also known in his community because of his contributions to an international institution called the Institute of Ismaili Studies. As one of the members of the institution, he is required to promote the cultures and traditions of Islam. He is also a member of the Aga Khan Development, and he is traveling to Central Asian states, looking for a family who could benefit from the programs that are being sponsored by the organization.

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Why Tony Petrello Is So Concerned With Helping Out Children

Tony Petrello is known for a lot of things. One of the things he is known for is his involvement as the CEO of Nabors Industries. You see, Tony Petrello has been the head of Nabors Industries for a long time. He is the one who is responsible for Nabors Industries’ explosive growth over the past few years. He is also the one who made sure that Nabors Industries provides the best service possible to all those who need it.

There is an old saying. It says that everything is larger in Texas. That can definitely be said of Tony Petrello and his philanthropic donations. You see, Tony Petrello is a lot more than a rich CEO. In fact, he is one of the greatest philanthropists in the country. Last year, Tony Petrello donated over five million dollars to the Neurological Research Center at Texas Children’s Hospital. They want to help out children who are suffering from neurological defects such as cerebral palsy. Tony Petrello felt that it was his responsibility to help out. In addition, Tony Petrello and his wife plan on giving another two million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital.

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You may be wondering why Tony Petrello and his wife are so drawn to the cause of the Neurological Research Center and helping out children with neurological problems. The answer to your question is that Tony Petrello and his wife have first hand experience with neurological defects in children. You see, their daughter is eight years old. When she was born, she suffered from PVL. Now, she is suffering from cerebral palsy as a result of her experiences.

It took his daughter a long time to figure out how to do basic stuff, stuff that other children were able to do by themselves without any introductions.

Tony Petrello and his wife made a decision that they will help out children who suffer from cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. They do not want other children to have to go through what their own child went through. Even if they do not manage to find a cure for cerebral palsy and the other neurological conditions, they are sure that with their help, doctors will be able to come up with ways to better treat these children and give them a good time. There is no doubt that their contributions and activism have helped many children.

Find more about Tony Petrello: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/tony-petrello-one-highest-paid-ceo-nation/

The Man Who Broke the Bank of England Breaks Donations Records – George Soros

Who is George Soros?

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. He rose to the mainstream popularity after what became known as the Black Wednesday in Britan. Soros, alongside other large investors, shorted the British currency to the point of its delisting from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. This earned him an unprecedented amount of money that still appears as nothing but a fraction of his current net worth.

The Lifetime of Donations

Soros has gained a lot of his popularity after the British Pound shorting through large donations. To this point, he has accumulated $14 billion that was contributed to his Open Society Foundation since 1980. This comes out to almost $380 million every year since he started this project. The goal of the organization is to establish democracy and fight for human rights in over a hundred countries that they operate.

Besides donating to causes that aim to help people, Soros has been a vocal supporter/opponent of specific politicians. His most notable endeavors have been in the United States where he is a fierce fighter for the Democratic establishment. This, naturally, made him a target of many GOP party members who have blamed him for numerous events that Soros always denied being connected to.

Making History Once More

Recently, Soros has made one of the largest donations ever made through a single transfer. An incredible amount of $18 billion has been given to his Open Society Foundation. This will make his organization the largest one in the United States, after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that has yet to be matched in multi-billion sums that are dedicated to it every year. The money will be allocated for the future of the organization and provide for its existence in the upcoming decades when Soros is no longer around.

Soros Portrayed as a Demon

As one might assume, political affiliation and large donations have not left Soros unaffected when it comes to negative critics. The scope of those who wish to discredit his actions goes as far as to make theories about Soros that are mostly based on hearsay. This includes depicting his billionaire as the main instigator of modern-day protest “Black Lives Matter”, football anthem kneeling, and so on. Of course, no conservative who has presented these theories has come through with an ounce of sound evidence that will break probable cause threshold.

The aforementioned is a wave of demonizing donations that Soros has been a victim of. After the election in the United States in 2016, the aggression towards the donor has exponentially spiked as he has been a loudspeaker against the current establishment. Soros has dedicated tens of millions of dollars to those affected by the recent hate crimes and racism-led, poor decision that have put people in hindering environments. The consequence of doing so, however, is a bright spotlight that people who are on the opposing side of his views have placed on him. For more about him click here.