OSI Food Solutions: Setting the pace for other food companies in the U.S and beyond

OSI Food Solutions is one of the world’s largest renowned private corporations that deal with food production, processing, and sales. The company has several retail brands as it offers different types of food products as well as meals including morning breakfast, bacon, sausages, chicken products, hot dogs, cooked beef patties, and sandwich products. Over the years, the company has experienced a tremendous growth in its market share and total revenue. This success is owed to the company’s leadership and the employees who work hard to ensure that OSI Food Solutions succeeds in their endeavors. Sitting at the helm of the company are top executives led by Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and David McDonald, the president.

Targeting China

David McDonald has always believed that through internationalization, OSI Group will be able to reach a larger customer base. As a result, the leader has steered the company towards venturing in China, one of the highest-populated regions in the world. OSI Group currently serves millions of Chinese by providing a variety of food supplies including pizza, sausage links, and beef patties. In 2012, the company established its mega processing plant in Henan province. It also created a working partnership with DOYOO Group, one of the recognized food corporations in China.

Acquisition of Baho Foods

Outside China, the president has managed to expand OSI Group’s territory to other global markets. It has some projects in other areas like Geneva, Poland, and Hungary. In 2016, David McDonald led the Group towards the acquisition of Baho Foods. He was very pleased about the deal, considering it a means of increasing the company’s demand. By understanding how to coordinate OSI Group’s local team with other global teams, David McDonald has managed to make the company stay up to date with the food trends.

Winning Awards

OSI Food Solutions have won numerous awards because of their outstanding performance and dedication to providing top-quality products to their customers. Two years, the group was presented with the coveted Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council. OSI Food Solutions was among the eighteen companies in the entire world that were honored for demonstrating excellence in environmental management. The company was also presented with the Sword of Honor Award in 2015 for demonstrating excellence in health and safety management at their places of work. OSI Food Solutions was among the seven companies lucky enough to win the two awards in two consecutive years.

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OSI Group: A Food Solution Winner in the Foodservice Industry!

OSI Group has astutely positioned themselves to the foodservice industry as a top food solution provider. OSI Group, initially known as Otto & Sons in the early 1900’s, is an American meat processing company that was founded in Chicago in 1909. The Aurora Illinois based corporation started as a leader in ground beef patty production. They later expanded their business to include other types of protein-rich foods, including breakfast foods, bacon, sausage, fish, pork, poultry, vegetable and dough products, as well as hot dogs.

OSI Group is currently led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sheldon Lavin. The food company underwent several name changes and updates since inception. It hailed from a reputation of producing excellent meat products in the Chicago area. McDonald’s Corporation was, and still is one of the largest clients that the group services. Over the span of time and via the evolution of technology, the company that only sold meat patties, has elevated their overall concept and have maximized production capabilities. Today, OSI Group provides quality, value-added foods to other mega-chain operators such as Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Subway to name a few.

The industry leader decided to heighten their production functionalities as well as their product offerings. OSI Group secured the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago under a successful $7.4 million dollar acquisition agreement in 2016. The 200,000 square foot facility is in close relation to OSI Groups’ facilities in Chicago. The facility allows OSI Group an opportunity to leverage the market, by positioning themselves as an uninterrupted leader. They have reached new plateaus in producing broader food varieties and by meeting the ever-changing consumer demands.

OSI Group creates new employment opportunities in the marketplace on a regular basis around the globe. OSI Group has offices located in North America, Asia-Pacific regions, as well as in Western and Eastern Europe. The food conglomerate strongly believes that employees are the driving force behind their company. They pride themselves on attracting winning talent that shares in the company’s mantra that every person can make a difference. OSI Group creates an environment conducive to their employees attaining their fullest potential. They foster workplace diversity and inclusivity. They ensure that their employees are in front of the company’s passion to deliver great products via innovative solutions to their valued customer. OSI Group prevails as a quality food solution to the retail and food industries across the globe.

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