Steps One Company Took To Fix Their Own Reputation

It was an interesting thing to find. It appears that the Huffington Post wrote a compelling piece detailing the changes that an online reputation management company went through over the past year. Apparently, this company that deals with the reputation of others had to fix their own reputation at one point in time. They must know what they are doing when it comes to fixing a reputation because their company still gives off a great first impression when you search for their name online. That is their business, after all. Status Labs helps businesses and people look better online. Have you searched for your name or your company’s name lately?


If you are running a company in today’s fast paced, tech savvy world, then you are bound to have some angry customer that writes something you do not want people seeing about your company. If you are doing enough business to gain attention, then the media could even write something nasty about your company. Status Labs actually got a lot of bad media coverage over what one of their (former) executives did outside of Status Labs’ company. The executive was immediately removed in the first measure of their recovery plan.


The next steps involved some measures to be done within the company. They gave employees better perks of working for Status Labs. Status Labs actually gives their employees shares of the company now, so the employees can benefit as Status Labs does more business. They also started working with their local community in order to show the public that the company cares about the world’s problems. In addition to these measures, Status Labs had their employees work with charitable organizations, like the Food Bank of Texas. The employees really enjoyed helping other people who were in need.
With all this information about what Status Labs has done for themselves, and given the fact that they have helped over 1,000 businesses, what are you waiting for? Find them on social media sites like Tumblr to see what they’re all about.

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