Free mobile and internet service from FreedomPop

There was a time, when the popularity of the internet was just rising, that I stated how I would never pay for internet because I believed it should be a free service. Well, over the years I have had to eat my words each month as I paid my bill. However, the entry of FreedomPop to the business reminded me of the days that I thought I could access free internet. The great thing about this service provider is that, they do not charge anything for their internet, and no, this is not a hoax.

While FreedomPop may not be the ideal model of communication and connection for everyone, it offers some pretty sweet deals for the people who are interested in their services and their user models are suitable. Below are the highlights of the mobile and internet services you get from them.

About the free cell phone service
This is a plan that is based on the sprint network. When you go for the plan, you get 500 MB of 4G data, 200 voice minutes and unlimited messages. The best thing about the plan is that you do not have to get into a contract with the providers, which means that there will be no cancellation fees when you decide to quit the service. The one thing you have to realize about this plan is that it will not work for you when you are a heavy user of the internet. The service works better for people that need to look into their email accounts from time to time.

If you are worried that you will go over the allotted amount of data in a month, you will be pleased to know that the service provider only charges an extra $10 to top up the plan. Before the charge is made automatically, you will receive a notification and have the chance to decide whether to pay or to opt out of the plan. Another thing to note is that the service is completely free for a year and after that you will have to pay around $10 per month but without a contract.

Other perks that come with this provider include the FreedomPop friends, where you get an extra 10mb data every month for every person that you refer to the service provider.

The calling options include the $5 Wi-Fi calling option and the $10 per month unlimited talk with 500 MB data. For $20, you will get unlimited talk and 1GB data.

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