An Overview of the Resilient Jana Messerschmidt

Jana is a hardworking woman as she is aggressive with her work and everything she pursues. Jana Lightspeed studied computer engineering at the University of Illinois after which she began practicing by working for engineering firms such as DivX and the AT&T. She then got hired by Netflix where she was made in charge of business development in the company.

With her zeal and aggressiveness, she managed to secure some partnerships for Netflix which impressed the shareholders of the company quite much. The organizations she achieved contributed to the expansion program of Netflix, as well as its diversification.

Jana was then hired by Twitter where she was the company’s Vice President of global development. This role was almost similar to the one she had while working for Netflix and therefore she used the same development skills for Twitter which worked towards the company’s success.

Her most remarkable strategy was that where she helped secure partnerships for Twitter with big players in the market such as Google and Apple. However, her primary source of success was the unified team that she had created so that they would help in ensuring that the strategies that Jana Lightspeed had come up with would be executed and implemented successfully.

While still working for Twitter, Jana Lightspeed came up with her own company which started as just a hashtag named #Angels. The company consisted of top women in business that would help in encouraging business startups through investment in the same.

The company was founded in 2015, and so far many companies have benefitted from it. In the same line, Jana joined Lightspeed Ventures where she became one of the investment partners after she quit her job at Twitter. Her role at Lightspeed Ventures has helped her in getting much-needed exposure in the investment sector.