James Dondero: Giving in Action

If anyone wanted to know what it is like to be a philanthropist would have to give like one. James Dondero is one of those people who truly understand philanthropy work. He is one. This is a man who loves to give and ends up making people happy. It happened for the Dallas Zoo.

Dondero donated money to the Dallas Zoo after he discovers that they could not get the funds needed to make a new enclosure for hippos. Guests who visited the zoo complained about not having that opened for everyone to enjoy. Zoo officials agreed but there was a lack of funding. Dondero’s donation made it possible for them to please the guests. Not only did they build the zoo habitat but also build a lodge named after Highland Capital in honor of Dondero’s generous donation. The habitat is called The Simmons Hippo Outpost. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Since it has opened, guest has been coming in huge crowds to see these lively animals. Also, people have been hosting events right across from the hoop habitat at the Highland Capital Lodge. Both of these entities have been bringing in lots of revenue for the zoo. They can do other things like update some of the habitats for the other animals now. They could possibly even add animals that they have not had before. Either way, the zoo could use some other improvements thanks to Dondero making the hippo habitat possible. Visit his website at jamesdondero.com.

Donating is a great thing, especially if it ends up helping to bring in more revenue to make some changes. Dondero’s generosity certainly did that he did not stop there. Other organizations got a chance to enjoy his gift giving also. He loves Dallas, so it’s not hard to understand why he likes giving back. He enjoys it.

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