Acquired by Securus

The leading government payment processing company of credit and debit card transactions, GovPayNet has been acquired by Securus.


Securus Technologies, headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, services thousands of agencies around the United States that are related to public safety, corrections and law enforcement. Its provisions entails the following, but not limited to: information management, inmate self-service, emergency response, investigation and public information. A Securus’ main goal is to strive and accomplish feats that makes our world a safer place in which to live in. If you’d like a full detailed description on the provisions of Securus and its history, visit their website to get such information.


Since Securus’ acquisition of GovPayNet, the payment processing aspect of their business has been able to reach 40 million payment processes in a year. This accomplishment has been made doable with the previous efforts of GovPayNet with its 2,300 agency contracts through 35 states of the U.S. With these agencies also being apart of the acquisition deal Securus can now extend their territorial advantage in the market and provide these agencies with new product solutions for a more convenient and versatile customer experience.


The Chief Executive Officer of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie states that he is definitely looking forward to endless possibilities under Securus Technologies and with a great team at GovPayNet, to continue to develop state-of-the-art technology, the combination of the two will allow incredible new business in better and more profitable areas, growing substantial amounts of revenue in the process, while in all sticking to the roots of quality customer service issued by GovPayNet.


With this acquisition, the two government focused companies should continue its positive thrive. With a documented and well known history of accomplishments by the two, it is only right to expect a promising future as they journey together.


Securus Technologies Working Hard For Keeping People Safe in Facillities

The leading contender for civil and criminal justice technological solutions of public safety as well as in investigations and corrections is Securus Technologies. They help monitor a large number of facilities by using technology to prevent crimes and solve crimes. This also includes crimes within facilities where there is inmate to inmate crimes.


Securus Technologies will receive countless emails and letters each year asking for help to help keep crime rates low in jail house facilities. Each one of these letters and emails will ask for a certain method to help prevent crimes from happening inside jail houses. Each one of the emails is sent by someone who has been placed in charge of making the environment safer for inmates as well as for the employees.


Each week Securus Technologies will work on creating a new product or a new service which will help those in the law enforcement field to solve crimes as well as to prevent further crimes. It is because of the letters and emails that they receive asking for help that keeps society safer while in facilities. Not only does it help those in the facilities, it also helps the inmates families and the parolees.


There are a number of inmates who attempt each year to bring contraband into the jail facilities. When they do, often times they can do so without being caught right away. When this happens, it can be hard to find out right away that something like a cell phone has been snuck into the jail. Securus has helped a program to be used to prevent cell phones from being used by inmates. The program is used to prevent phones from connecting to mobile networks therefore preventing use of the phone inside of the jail. This helps to cut back on the contraband in jails. This is vital for keeping inmates following rules.


Securus Technologies Keeping Police Officer Safe

One of the things me and my fellow officers do each day inside the jail is make sure we have each others back. Things can escalate quickly inside a crowded jail, so we have to really pay close attention to what the inmates are doing at all times. Any time we can get the jump on illegal activity, we can stop a potential problem from escalating and putting everyone in the jail in harm’s way.


One of the things we do each day is to try and limit the flow of contraband in our prison. To do this, we set up teams in the visitor center each day and make sure to search each person before they get to see the inmates. Then we check the inmates before they can go back to their cells, looking for weapons or drugs they are trying to smuggle inside. We follow-up those efforts with several surprise cell inspections that can locate some of the items that did get by.


When Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in our prison so officers could listen to inmate calls, we discovered one of the more powerful resources we have ever had in the attempts to make the jail safe. This company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and employs 1,000 workers all dedicated to making the world that much safer. We now understand why this monitoring system is in 2,600 prison systems around the country, it gets results fast.


The LBS software picks up chatter from inmates on drugs, weapons, and all different sorts of contraband. We can use the system to alert us when we hear an inmate instructing a family member how to get drugs into the jail. We have been able to take more weapons and drugs out of the inmate’s hands than every before thanks to Securus Technologies system.


Securus Technologies Has Made Visiting Incarcerated Loved Ones Possible From Home Now

There is usually a lot of traveling that takes place on the Christmas holiday, and for some people it can be difficult if that travel involves visiting a loved one in a correctional facility. But now, it’s all starting to change thanks to the development of video visitation technology. Video visitation is now offered by Securus Technologies, a big telecommunications company based in Dallas, TX. With video visitation, you don’t have to travel or take a lot of time out of your holiday to be with your loved one, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and use a webcam and internet connection to share special Christmas moments with them.


Video visitation is something that has become important for many correctional facilities and their inmates. It’s helped lessen wait times and check-in issues. It’s also proven to be a morale booster for inmates who wish to complete their time without any setbacks or conduct violations. And it can also be monitored by corrections personnel to make sure no dangerous threats or illegal activities are being conducted by inmates.


Securus Technologies has been building advanced communications systems for both inmates and corrections officers. With their phone card and billing options, inmates are able to have funds loaded on a calling card, and can also signup for voicemail services. Securus also has an instant mail delivery system that can be delivered electronically, and can save facilities costs on running mailrooms. The video visitation platform was started a few years ago and can be easily accessed at the Securus Technologies website.


To make sure inmate activities are closely monitored, Securus has setup an intricate security system complete with threat and contraband detection within its algorithms. Mail can be scanned through the Securus mail agent program. Voice calls can be monitored, and calls to cell phones can be traced through THREADS and Investigator Pro. Biometric systems within these programs even have voice recognition that can trace voices to any known criminal sources.


Securus Technologies Issues New Press Release to Correct GTL

Securus Technologies, a company that provides communication and technology services to correctional centers in the United States, recently announced that it will be releasing a new press release to correct the information that was recently reported by Global Tel Company, its greatest competitor. The press statement was released in May, and Securus Technologies say that the information was false and misleading to the public.


Before the GTL Press release, Securus Technologies had reported that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board had validated at least twenty-five claims out of the twenty-seven. The private company was very excited to announce this news to the public. However, GTL felt that it was wrong, and went ahead to issue a different statement to the press.

Richard Smith, the current president of Securus Technologies, said that misleading information was already spread in the country and the only way to correct it was releasing a fresh report, fixing what GTL had reported. He, however, says that the reaction from Global Tel was expected. The competitor quickly mischaracterized the ruling done by Patent Trial and Appeal Board. The company was only working hard to prove to the public that Securus Technologies lacked enough technology, and the software used were inadequate.


Securus Technologies is a privately held company that is headquartered in Dallas. The company was founded by investors who wanted to ensure that inmates have access to communication and technology services. At the moment, the company is already providing its services to more than three thousand centers in Northern America. There are over one million in these centers, and they have all benefited from the services of the company. Securus Technologies has invented numerous apps in order to make the lives of the inmates easier. The latest application from the company is the video visitation app, and families can communicate with their families often using the app.

Securus Technologies Latest Platform Brings Families Together

Securus Technologies is making the holidays a little bit easier with its latest video visitation technology that allows inmates to link up with their families.


On Christmas morning a small child is able to speak to his dad via video. Although nothing can duplicate a family member being there, the excitement of the child being able to speak to his incarcerated father is real.


The split screen video allows both parties to see each other. This is a good thing. Talking on the phone to someone you haven’t seen — and probably won’t see in a while — is nearly as satisfying as actually having visual contact. This is the X factor with the video visitation application.


During the holiday season, inmates tend to get lonely, and the separation they feel from their families is at an all-time high. The ability to see and hear family members can potentially reduce some of the stress and heartache that goes along with being incarcerated.


Securus is proud to keep families together during important times. The tears of joy are real. The platform is the next best thing to actually being there.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based telecommunication and security corporation that provides services to over 3,500 correctional facilities in the U.S.


The company is one of the largest providers of prison public safety, monitoring systems, correctional solutions and investigative tools. Securus is always implementing new and advanced technologies to help modernize the experience of life behind bars. The company employs high-quality professionals, who are among the best in their field.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.