Drew Madden says healthcare technology needs to be brought up to speed

The majority of people alive in the United States today cannot remember a time when barcodes were not used in grocery stores in order to make the checkout process more efficient and fast. Not only did the introduction of barcodes to most consumer products make the shopping experience a whole lot more pleasant, but their introduction also saved merchants, shipping companies and warehousing operations billions of dollars in costs by massively increasing the efficiency of product tracking and business accounting.

Drew Madden is one of the foremost healthcare consultants operating today. He is the founder and CEO of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a people-focused healthcare IT consultancy that seeks to meet the many challenges facing today’s healthcare system. Madden points out that one of the most shocking examples of technological lag in the healthcare space is the fact that, while barcodes have been a common feature in grocery stores throughout the United States since the 1970s, they have only recently been adopted in hospitals.

This is doubly astonishing, says Madden, due to the fact that systems such as bedside drug coding have been proven to radically reduce the number of adverse drug reactions due to improper bedside administration of medicines. This problem alone has cost millions of Americans their lives over the last three decades. Yet its adoption by hospitals across the country has been painfully slow.

Madden says that the reasons for this slow adoption of lifesaving technologies are numerous, but it all boils down to not having the right incentives in place for hospital administrators to do what’s right for the patients. Madden says that when boxes of Cheerios are getting higher priority care than someone who just underwent heart surgery, you have a major problem.

His firm seeks to resolve some of these dire shortcomings through creating overall healthcare systems, including both the people and the technology that comprise them, that are able to always put the interests of patients first. Madden says that, at the end of the day, healthcare is a business like any other. And doctors, administrators and nurses need to be focused on providing the best patient experience that they can.

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