Strong Leadership within InnovaCare Health, Inc. Helps to Broaden Medicare Advantage Program

Leadership is an essential component of any healthcare organization to be able to strategize and improve quality, while also providing the type of safety that patients expect. It takes leaders who understand the level of precise detail that it takes in order to provide value-based systems, despite challenges within the industry.


InnovaCare Heath, Inc. leads North America in managed healthcare, as a provider of Medicare Advantage services for eligible beneficiaries. The company’s Chief Executive Officer and President is Dr. Rick Shinto. The Chief Operating Officer is Penelope Kokkinides. InnovaCare has a strong mission for redefining the complicated healthcare issues which the country faces at this time. The company continually strives to implement innovative changes to bring forward business models that result in quality-driven and affordable benefits for Medicare Advantage members.


The leadership by Dr. Shinto and Kokkinides has proven to be a strong alliance to effectively produce quantifiable results that will impact the healthcare industry for decades. Dr. Shinto and Kokkinides both have a combined 40 years of healthcare experience, which represents the 120 years of executive leadership within the company. Dr. Shinto completed a residency at the Pulmonary Internal Medicine in California as an internist. He quickly became Chief Operations Officer for Medical Pathways Management and was later appointed as Chief Medical Officer. Furthering his passion for healthcare and making healthcare a priority, Dr. Shinto later became the Chief Executive Officer at North American Medical Management (NAMM). Prior to joining InnovaCare Health, Inc., he was chosen as the Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan in California.


Prior to returning to InnovaCare Health, Inc. in 2016, Kokkinides served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer overseeing Medicare and Medicare government programs for Touchtone Health. Her career has a spanned over 20 years in government programs. She held an executive leadership position for the UnitedHealth Group affiliated company; AmeriChoice, as Corporate Vice President for the division of Care Management and Disease Management. In 2017, she was chosen by the Trump Administration as a panelist to consult with government agencies, namely Medicare and Medicaid, to overhaul the healthcare system and help to restructure those programs.


Healthcare leaders will continually face difficult decisions to implement new ideas and the timing of changes in order to impact beneficiaries in a positive way, while also lowering costs and maintaining high standards of care. However, the leadership of InnovaCare Health, Inc. has shown a willingness to take measured risks, resulting in increased quality and improved benefits for Medicare Advantage members.


InnovaCare Health- Changing the Future of Healthcare

InnovaCare Health is one of the top providers of healthcare services in the United States and Puerto Rico. The company has a strong will to transform the healthcare industry and provide high quality managed healthcare services to their individuals. The mission driving this firm is to redefine the management of healthcare so that it can meet the challenge of the current intricate design of the healthcare environment. InnovaCare prides itself with core values such as the idea that strong patient-provider relationships lead to healthier outcomes and a possible enhanced quality of life and also business-related ideas such as the growth of an organization requires experienced leadership, achievement of results-oriented goals and corporate integrity. With these high standards as a company, comes the need for goal-oriented and business driven individuals to achieve the quality necessary to be successful.


Dr. Rick Shinto is the current Chief Executive Officer for InnovaCare Health and has also held top-notch positions in other medical industry companies previous to joining InnovaCare. Shinto has been employed with names such as NAMM, Medical Pathways and MedPartners since his beginning journey as a pulmonologist specialist and intern. Dr. Shinto is also noted as authoring multiples of publications that mainly focus on clinical medicine and general healthcare. In July of 2016, InnovaCare Health, along with Dr. Rick Shinto, announced some new additions to their leadership lineup, including naming Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administrative Officer.



Penelope Kokkinides comes to InnovaCare Health with a degree laden background prior to entering the medical business field and a resume full of high quality medical care companies. Kokkinides received a Bachelor of Science from Binghamton University, completed her Master of Science at New York University and managed to accomplish a second Master’s Degree in Public Health from Columbia University. Kokkinides has worked for a multiple of other medical companies such as AmeriChoice, Aveta Inc and Touchstone Health HMO, Inc. In her over twenty years with these companies, she has worked extremely hard to assist in reforming the managed care industry and has specialized in areas such as government-based programs like Medicaid and Medicare.


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