How Wen Went Mainstream

Everyone has heard about WEN by now. It’s the original cleansing conditioner that cleans and freshens hair without all of the harsh, drying chemicals that are in most shampoos. Since the hair is not being completely stripped of its natural oils and radiance, it takes less work to make it look full and shiny after being washed.
The current shampoo-free trend is owed to the long-term popularity of Wen. People always knew that the product existed, but it took a long time for the idea of cleansing conditioners to hit the mainstream. Now that people are starting to be more knowledgeable about what’s in their beauty products, they are realizing how important it is to preserve the hair’s oils and to avoid sudsy sulfates.

This sephora endorsed product promises to wash, condition, and pre-style hair all at once. It’s natural to be skeptical, but the results are instant and impossible to argue with. You need to use a fair amount of Wen to make sure you’re scrubbing the scalp while leaving enough to reach the ends of your hair. Even so, the hair never feels weighed down or as if the product isn’t fully rinsing out. Hair that usually doesn’t dry well on its own can be left to air dry with great results.

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The trade-off for silky smooth hair that requires less styling is that you may not be able to skip washings at first; if you are currently accustomed to shampooing every two or three days, you will probably need to wash every day until your hair adjusts to a gentler style of cleansing. Your hair might also lose curl or volume slightly faster, as is natural when the hair is no longer stiffened by sulfates. This little bit of effort is worth it because of how silky and shiny the hair is after a quick blow dry.

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