Stream Energy Leading the Way to Clean Renewable Energy

The desire for clean air continues to be on the forefront of leaders and citizens around the world. This continued interest has led environmental agencies to enact strict regulations on coal plants. The pressure by environmentalists on coal producers to clean up emissions or shut down plants has proven to be successful.


Companies that specialize in clean, renewable energy, like Stream Energy, are gaining momentum in the energy industry. Dallas-based Stream Energy opened its doors in 2005 as a retail energy provider using the direct sales model to sell natural gas and renewable energy products. With the continued environmental pressure on the coal industry, Stream Energy has continued to grow and is now the most significant direct-selling company in the global energy market.


Coal, for many years, was the leader in the energy industry for the United States. The industry, plagued with dangerous mining practices and environmental pollution concerns has continued to decline. Cheaper, cleaner energy products such as wind, solar power, and natural gas are continuing to grow and come to the forefront of the energy sector.


The continued advancements in technology, such as hydraulic fracturing, have allowed energy companies to supply customers with natural gas at more affordable prices than a decade ago. Mass production of solar panels in China and improved equipment in the wind energy sector have improved the costs to consumers. The expenses of clean, renewable energy have significantly decreased the United States coal consumption, but coal continues to be a significant power source in developing countries. Find More Information Here.


Companies in the clean energy sector that hire and train previous employees in the coal industry may receive tax breaks and subsidies. Stream has plans to expand services in the retail energy market, such as competitive wireless plans, digital voice call plans for the home, and protective services for car and health care.


Today, Stream sells electric and gas services in seven states and Washington, D.C. And just recently, Stream also began offering mobile phone service, Stream Wireless. Stream is a Better Business Bureau accredited since 2010 and has since then earned an A+ rating as proof of their commitment to excellence.

Stream Energy At The Energy Forefront

Stream Energy is one of the nations leading competitors in the energy industry. Providing energy, wireless and protective home services the company has been growing by leaps and bounds.


Their success can be attributed to their innovative marketing approach that took hold in 2005. Placing the focus on word of mouth advertising the company let satisfied customer’s do the promoting for them. This insightful method of advertising catapulted Stream Energy to the forefront of the direct selling landscape. Stream Energy is currently one of the nation’s top direct selling energy companies.


Taking advantage of policies continually being put in place to promote clean, renewable energy Stream Energy is determined to take the biggest slice of that pie. Their most recent expansion into the Texas energy market is one of their largest indicators of success.


Texas which is dominated by the coal industry has seen a rise of renewable forms of energy in recent years. In 2001 the state’s energy infrastructure was deregulated to allow for a more competitive marketplace.


In this new model, the least expensive energy option was put on the grid before any others. These changes gave Stream Energy just the opportunity they had been waiting for and they hit the ground running. The Dallas based company had just the shot they needed and have seen great success across the state.


In today’s economic climate customer’s want value. They want a service that meets their needs and fits their budget (BBB). Stream Energy has created a blueprint for success by innovating while keeping their product affordable for the average person.


With the free market competition allowed to drive energy prices to lower the most innovate will always succeed. As it should be, those that can produce a superior product at a more reasonable rate will always be propelled to the front of the line. Given their current success, it’s safe to say that Stream Energy has understood and doubled down on these principles.

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