George Soros; A Voice For Democratic Progress

George Soros is known in liberal circles as a man with deep pockets and progressive ideals. He has spent millions of dollars not only donating to politicians and their campaigns, but also giving away billions of dollars through his own philanthropic organizations. He is known as one of the best traders in the world and has amassed a fortune estimated to be around $25 billion. He uses that fortune to help those that need it in the United States and around the world. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros has long been known amongst progressives as one that can be counted on to donate money to help move the liberal agenda forward. He donated more than $25 million during the 2016 election cycle to Hillary Clinton and other democratic causes. Part of that also went to progressive causes like immigration reform, abortion rights, and campaign finance reform to name a few.

He has donated $5 million dollars to the Super PAC Immigrant Voters Win. He donated another $5 million to a non-profit organization that fights against the conservative efforts to restrict voters in areas with high immigrant populations. He helped fund social movements as well, like the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” campaign that was started in response to the high number of people of color being killed by the police.

In 2005 George Soros was instrumental in the launch of a secret club for major liberal donors called the Democracy Alliance. These club members are helping to build an intellectual infrastructure in the United States. The purpose is to promote long sighted goals through education. They fight climate change, income inequality, and finance reform. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros was born in Budapest August 12, 1930. He lived through World War II and moved to London where he graduated from the London School of Economics. He studied philosophy there and to this day uses the things he learned there to inform his business decisions. He immigrated to the United States in 1956. He started his first hedge fund in 1970.

On his web page George Soros is quoted as saying, “A full and fair discussion is essential to democracy.” He has entered the ring with many progressives when trying to change policy. He uses his fortune to help candidates as well as causes. To date, through his own organization, he has donated over $12 billion dollars to those in society that live on the fringes.

Talk Fusion And Bob Reina’s Commitment To Changing Lives

Talk Fusion is one of the leading and the rapidly expanding video communications across the globe. It ranks among the top video communication firms in the world. Talk Fusion’s video marketing solutions is committed to enabling businesses grow. The firm’s services are also dedicated to changing the lives via proprietary video technology. Talk Fusion’s products are promoted on a person-to-person basis. That is done by independent associates that are spread in more than 140 countries.


The company was created in 2007 by Bob Reina. It is the company that launched the initial Instant Pay Compensation in the world. Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion holds fast the highest ethical business practices. Additionally, it is a member of the esteemed Direct Selling Association. Reina understands that greater success does come with greater responsibility. For this reason, the company fosters a strong dedication to giving back to families and communities. It also gives to animal charities globally to effectively establish a positive transformation in the world.


Recently, Reina’s firm launched its 30 day trial. The highly anticipated trials were in nine languages across 140 countries. They enabled customers around the globe to try out Talk Fusion’s complete video marketing solution risk free and instantly for 30 days. It was a result of many hours of hard work and diligent planning. The firm’s corporate team was pleased to offer potential customers the chance to fully understand the effectiveness of video marketing. It is an opportunity, which can only offered by firsthand experience. Reina notes that there is no comparison in the world in terms of the value that Talk Fusion offers.


About Bob Reina

Bob Reina is Talk Fusion’s chief executive officer and founder. He strongly believes that in order to be successful, it takes dedication over a long period of time. Throughout his coursework at the University of South Florida, Reina juggled various jobs and managed to graduate as number one. He was in the police academy class.


Driven by his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, Reina started operating as a direct selling associate on the side. After a few years, he left his steady paycheck to form Talk Fusion. Through the firm, Bob Reina is committed to changing lives. It is a mission that he is devoted to. That is not only in enhancing people’s businesses but also supporting several causes. He has donated a record breaking $ 1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina has also been actively engaged in saving the lives of many animals. Under Reina’s leadership, Talk Fusion is poised to be the next Dollar billion brand.

Keith Mann Creates New Scholarship

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Keith Mann has created a college scholarship for deserving urban high school students. Mann has partnered with Uncommon Schools, a non-profit management company that runs a number of charter high schools in urban New England, to find the right students to receive the award. A believer in the power of education, Mann has long been known for his philanthropy towards helping promising and underprivileged young people pursue higher learning. To learn more about the scholarship and Mann, check out this article on the Business Wire website.

One graduating high school senior from within the the Uncommon Schools system will be selected annually to receive $5000 for his or her college education. Applicants will submit a 1,000 word essay detailing how they feel having a college degree will help them achieve their professional goals. The scholarship is designed to help encourage and develop the next generation of business leadership and will be formally known as the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement.

Uncommon schools recently expressed their gratitude to Mann for helping their students through creating the scholarship. The firm is committed to preparing low-income urban young people for college, and its mission is to help close the achievement gap between students from middle-class backgrounds and those from lower socioeconomic ones. A highly successful non-profit, Uncommon Schools manages thriving public charter schools in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dyanamics Search Partners, a firm that matches financial talent with hedge fund and other non-alternative types of investment companies. A pioneer in the financial staffing industry, Mann recognized early in his career that investment companies not fitting the traditional mold needed help finding appropriate employees. A hands-on leader, Mann is in charge of the daily operations of Dynamics Search Partners, which works with clients in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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The World is Smiling Brighter Thanks to Avi Weisfogel

A person’s smile is their greeting card to the world. A first impression that can land a job or repel an opportunity before it has a chance to take root. Operation Smile is a worldwide movement that understands that how a person smile looks and makes a person feel about themselves that it is vital to their overall success as a person. That is why they believe that every child deserves high quality surgical care to repair significant dental and facial deformities. Avi Weisfogel is one of the main supporters of the organization and has started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money and awareness for this great cause.

Operation Smile is an international charity providing these surgical procedures to children and young adults who suffer from cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. What they really supply is hope that a problem can be fixed and that the future can be better than today. The goal of the funding campaign is to raise at least $2000 to add to the projects funding. Every year they set out on medical missions across the world to assist people and provide free medical care. The doctors involved volunteer their skill and time to the project but there are costs in travel and equipment that needs to be provided to safely perform these types of surgical processes. They also make sure to work with and train local doctors and medical personnel so that all cultural considerations are maintained and there are languages that need to be translated as well.

Avi Weisfogel chose this organization because they have been providing hope for others since 1982 when founders Bill and Kathy Magee started the organization. Originally they helped children in the Philippines and have since built Operation Smile into the global network of help that it is today. Weisfogel is a dentist in the New Jersey area and knows the value of a strong and attractive smile. He believes that all children deserve access to the highest level of medical care in the world. This organization brings the chance to have a wonderful smile to a world of needy children.

Weisfogel has been a practicing dentist in East Brunswick, New Jersey for 16 years. During this time he has provided smiles for thousands of people and has seen the difference that a change in appearance can make in the confidence of an individual. That confidence can go a long way in their ability to succeed in the world. His office is called Old Bridge Dental Care and they maintain the philosophy that each patient visiting their office is the most important patient there is. A comfortable and pleasant experience is provided by the hard working team that ensures a smile before, during and after any treatment. Operation Smile is a natural extension of this positive and successful practice and hopefully the world will be smiling brighter thanks to the effort of Avi Weisfogel.


Charles Koch Makes Large Donation to George Mason University

Charles Koch, the billionaire businessman who is currently operating as the chief executive officer of his family owned company, Koch Industries, has recently gained media attention for his extremely generous donation to law department of George Mason University. The donation is not unusual as the executive typically makes a donation to the university annually. Charles Koch is a member of the board of directors of the universities legal think tank and, as such, has a slightly vested interest in the maintenance of the program. It is for this reason that the donation has raised concerns, specifically among liberal media outlets.

Charles Koch and the leaders of George Mason University have completely decimated any theories introduced by left leaning reporters and students that assert the opinion that the contributions given to the school by Koch come with strings attached. Apparently, suggestions that Koch is given priority in creating and implementing academic programs in favor of his own political views have been circulating in the wake of his recent donation to the university. Skeptics view donations like these from Koch or any other political leader as flagrant attempts by wealth individuals to influence the American higher educational system by using unfair advantages allotted to them.

Koch, however, refutes these claims. In response to the accusations thrust in his direction in light of his recent contributions, Koch released a statement which relayed his disappointment that such allegations would be made regarding his gift to a University that is extremely valuable to him. Koch openly admits that he has a close relationship with the University, but also informs readers that his contributions in no way obligate the university to implement any standards or procedures that they would not normally develop. Koch also reminds readers that George Mason University is a historically conservative university, which has deep and lasting roots in the republican agenda. His support of the school comes partly because the school is a strong proponent of the ideals and values that Charles Koch holds so dear. Additionally, Koch discussed the reputation of the university for influencing policy in Washington and credits it’s innovative curriculum and long standing traditions as key factors in the school’s ability to successfully implement core conservative issues into the forefront of Washington politics.