Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

Eucatex Group was established as one of the environmental conservative companies in Brazil. In 1951, it was incepted as a furniture company in the country developing products using eucalyptus trees. For the business, nothing gives them honor than to conserve trees and the environment for the future generations who need it more than we do. For this reason, they engaged in the development of insulation and liners made of the trees and wood fibers. In the current situation, the company is running its business in two different segments in one business. The company is also serving furniture manufacturers and other large industrial companies in the construction category. The two business segments include:

The Furniture Industry: According to the state records in Brazil, Eucatex Group is one of the largest producers of wood fiber plates, Tamburato, and MDP in the country. For this reason, it has also engaged in the exports of these products together with other furniture equipment to other countries including the United States and the United Kingdom. For the company, all their products are developed using the highest technology and the advanced eucalyptus wood.

The Construction Industry: According to a recent media release in the country, Eucatex Group is one of the largest producers of all goods consumed in the construction industry in the country. For this reason, they have also increased n capacity and productivity. The company also produces products including paints, doors, laminate floors, and other modular office and room partitions.

The current president of Eucatex Group is Flavio Maluf. He is a graduate of the University of Fundacao Peteado Foundation based in Sao Paulo, Brazil with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, he attained certification to join the University of New York and study Business Management as one of the biggest courses to enter the business world in the country.

When he came back to the country, he commenced his work at Eucatex Group working on the trade section of the company, after two years, he was then moved to work in the manufacturing department of the company where he oversaw all the initiative processes in the section. He was seen as a good manager and business leader.