Igor Cornelsen: An Experienced And Dedicated Private Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a very experienced and dedicated private investor, he specializes in portfolio management methods and investment tactics. One of the fundamental goals for Igor is to unambiguously push investors in the direction of a safe investment. A safe investment is known as “safe harbors” by Igor. Safe harbors is a strong investment for long-term investors with the investment partners. Over the many years, Mr. Igor Cornelsen has obtained an eye for determining a low-cost stock then waiting for the opportune moment to sell the stock for the most turn-around profit. View interview.net about Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen takes a more personal or genuine approach to his investment technique for his clients. Igor has found when a personal approach is taken to determine the fundamental key desires and goals of his clients, it becomes quicker and easier for them to achieve them. While being personal opens his clients up to determine their goals, being direct establishes a strong bond that boosts his client’s confidence as a business partner. In 2008, when the global stock market crashed, Igor confidently navigated his clients through the chaotic time that was devastating to most and managed to preserve all his client investments. During this same time that Igor was helping preserve his client’s investments when the crash happened, many investors in his position were trying to coax frazzled clients to their investment schemes with the promise of large return.

After holding very prestigious positions in various leading bank branches in Brazil, Igor decided to become a proprietor of his own company known as Bainbridge Inc, based out of the Bahamas. His company is for investors learning to gain knowledge of the industry and assisting future clients with their long-term investments. Mr. Cornelsen decided to semi-retire in 2010 and since his retirement, Igor still manages all of his investments with his partners and his company while mainly residing in Brazil. When Igor Cornelsen taking a much-earned breather he can found all over the green fairways throughout Brazil and at his secondary residence in Florida.

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