Shervin Pishevar Is The Man To Look To For Advice On The Economy

The state of the economy is something that a lot of people want answers on. We all often hear pundits talk about this aspect or that related to the economy. However, few of us understand fully what those people are talking about until we have it explained in plain English. That is what Shervin Pishevar did recently so beautifully on his Twitter account.


Shervin Pishevar went through fifty tweets explaining his thoughts on a variety of issues that have been impacting the world as of late. He talked about how Bitcoin and the stock market are both overpriced in his view. He also said that he thinks that inflation is going to make a comeback in the United States.


The reason to listen to what Shervin Pishevar has to say in the first place has everything to do with the fact that he was an early investor in Uber and AirBnb. He has proven through those early investments that he is the kind of person who knows a thing or two about how to invest money. He knows how to make solid predictions and stick by them. He also was kind enough to provide all of his interesting insights about the market and the world as a whole for free to those who follow his Twitter account.


The idea that the Dow Jones Industrial Average may fall by as much as six-thousand points is a lot for some people to wrap their head around. Get used to it says Shervin Pishevar. Shervin believes that this is exactly the kind of area that the market is going to see. He also thinks that avoiding talking about this is a risky move. Just because the market is on a sugar rush right now does not mean that it will last forever. Prepare yourself for the inevitable crash says Shervin Pishevar.


Although the tweets were controversial in certain circles, the man sticks by what he has said. Considering his track record of success in the past, there are a lot of good reasons to give this guy a look over before making any investment decisions.

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How Troy McQuagge has contributed to the Success of USHEALTH GROUP, Inc.

One Planet℠ Awards named Troy McQuagge, the Chief Executive Officer for USHEALTH Group, Inc. the Gold Winner CEO of the Year. Although Troy McQuagge has won several other One Planet awards, this is his first Gold award. Troy has over 20 years of insurance and sales experience. Last year, he played a major role in the success of USHEALTH. Now he has every reason to smile together with his USHEALTH Advisors team who accompanied him at the January 10th 2017 award announcement held in Fort Worth, Texas. One Planet Awards is a highly coveted worldwide premier awards program. It honors professional and business excellence in all fields around the globe. Organizations from all corners of the world are at liberty to submit nominations including for-profit and non-profit, smallest to largest, public and private as well as new start-ups. See more updates on Twitter.

After joining USHEALTH in 2010, Troy McQuagge immediately began reforming the company. His first task was re-building the company’s distribution agency also USHEALTH Advisors. His efforts of re-building USHEALTH Advisors were a success. Eventually, he was elected the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group, Inc. During his tenure, in 2014, the company registered unprecedented growth, profitability, and success in the highly competitive market of individual health insurance.

More about Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a visionary and leader in the United States insurance industry. As the CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors, Troy maintains a prominent position in the industry. Under Troy’s leadership, the company has realized a tremendous growth over the last seven years. Besides being the President and CEO of the company, he serves on the Board of Directors. Moreover, he holds an executive position at Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

Troy McQuagge graduated in 1983 from Central Florida. Ever since his graduation, McQuagge has worked to inspire others and become a better leader. He has diverse insurance background something that has earned him a lot of respect in the company and the industry at large. Troy McQuagge’s experience in the industry allows him to assess current trends quickly and accurately. Since he took over in 2010, the company has grown ten times its previous level.

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Supporting The Pittsburgh Community With Marc Sparks

Pittsburgh is one of America’s best cities for business. Located in the heart of the northeast, the city is at the confluence of two rivers. Long a center of businesses of all kinds, today it is now more than ever a place that people can turn to if they wish to start a business of their own. The climate here is welcoming and open to new business ventures of all kinds.

Such is the case with Marc Sparks. Sparks has long foreseen the may easy ways that it is possible to start a business here and see it to fruition. He knows that this city is home to thriving core of business people and a happy group of customers pleased to work with them. It is to this end that Sparks has started a new venture in the area aimed at those in search of a means to begin an idea for a business.

The New Project

According to GoodReads, Marc Sparks is someone who has been heavily involved in various kinds of business ventures over the last three decades. During this time, he has been someone who has worked hard to spot opportunity and see how it can grow. His latest venture is focused on the Pittsburgh area. Marketing Sparks offers the kind of help that many in Pittsburgh have sought over the years.

They can now turn to him for help with a concept they might be thinking about. As Sparks knows, a great idea is something wonderful that must be nourished properly. Once this idea is given proper, careful, thoughtful attention, it can be turned into a real business venture that is likely to offer customers something unique.

Proper Business Marketing

While Marketing Sparks is focused on various kinds of business ventures, the primary focus is about showing potential entrepreneurs how to market their concepts effectively. Marketing is essential in today’s world. Those who can take advantage of a marketing plan and develop one that is just right for their company are those who are likely to enjoy better success in business world.

His efforts are about offering intensive help in sessions that help entrepreneurs focus closely on all details of the project they have mind. With his expert help at the helm, it’s easier than ever for anyone to figure out what they need to do to take the next step in their lives and create a new business.